Mid Major Top 25

Miami ranked 25th in the mid major top 25. This poll has been around for awhile, but it’s been a very long time since we’ve been ranked.



Sometimes didn’t think I’d ever see the day Miami was ranked here again

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I find it odd that C-USelessA is not part of this poll.

Gonzags is in a mid-major conference, but I have a hard time still seeing them as a mid-major program.

We are 4th MAC team, plus 2 others receiving votes. Nice showing for the conference.


That is odd. Only thing I can think of is that C-USA was considered a high major basketball conference when this poll was created in the early 2000’s. Back when they had Louisville, Cincinnati, Marquette, Memphis, etc and were sending 3-5 teams to the dance every year and often had a high seed or two. But it does seem odd they haven’t changed the conferences in this poll since CUSA has probably been a mid major since 2005.


Good point. I’d forgotten who the conference had way back then.

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Most mid-major-focused writers treat them differently even though they formally fit the definition. Kyle Whelliston at The Mid-Majority used to refer to them as “Unnamed Major Program From the Northwest.”

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Gonzaga and BYU both from the West Coast dont feel like mid majors but San Diego and Saint Marys do feel like mid majors

CUSA should certainly be on the list and in my opinion today’s Mountain West should be as well.

Cincinnati is a mid-major in all sports.

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They looked pretty good handing it to the Illini yesterday. Going to be a tough game for us.