Miami women at Toledo time change, from 7 to 2:00 Wednesday

Obviously trying to get our girls back to Oxford before the ice and snow begins. In looking at Watch ESPN schedules, the game currently is not listed. This does look like the toughest game on our schedule all year, playing on the road against what has been the best team in the league so far. Nonleague our toughest game was at Purdue, but they are below .500 in the Big Ten, I think Toledo has been more impressive.

It is not on TV. Toledo leads 41-30 at the half.

Perhaps we can win the second half.

Probably not. Down 20 near the end of the 3rd. Miami misery continues.

59-38 at the end of 3. We chopped it to 14 with 4 minutes to go.

I think the men and women are using the same playbook. Fall behind by 20-30 points early and then win the final 10 minutes by 10-15. The math just doesn’t work, though.

We outscored them 26-15 in the 4th quarter, final was 74-64 Rockets.

Is the end of game rally some bonus round we don’t know about? Did I miss a rule change somewhere? Are these young people victims of the “everyone gets a trophy “ culture. Do our meaningless comebacks have meaning to them? Stay tuned for the next episodes of “we let them get ahead so as we all could win” brought to you by The Knolls of Oxford.

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Miami has two head BB coaches. They have some good talent (almost great in the case of Scott on the women’s team and decent with Dae Dae on the men;s team) but we simply rarely play BB as it was meant to be…passing, setting screens, moving off the ball to get open, positioning for rebounds. Miami’s problem is not with the talent: it’s with two inexpensively acquired coaches who are not leaders, winners who coach from a position of knowledge and know how to motivate players. These two coaches lack those basic attributes.
Megan Duffy turned a floundering program around in ONE year, hung around while her agent lined up a better gig for her ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) and she bailed to Marquette for a much better situation----administrative support and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and look what we got.

I could repeat this on the FJO (Fire Jack Owens) board…but why bother? Anyone with a few neurons firing knows the problem exists in both programs.

The real question is, what will Miami do? Oh, wait, they’ll extend coaches because they have no money to really fix the problem and extensions make them believe they have “dealt” with the issues. What a joke.

On the men’s side, both Herb and Joby were short-termers and, as soon as their agents got them to the promised land, they bolted…and the decline ensued.
The evidence is all there. What more needs to be said?

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NET takes margin of victory into account (up to 10 points I believe). That’s led to some weird situations in the past where a tournament bubble team may call a timeout to set up an out of bounds play with 5 seconds left and a 6 point lead to try to improve their margin of victory and, by extension, their ranking.

Win or lose, the girls worst quarter always seems to be the first, the best the 4th. In looking at the box score, it does not look like Toledo cleared their bench. UT’s starting point guard played all 40 minutes and only had one turnover. Their top 7 played all the minutes except for a total of 10 by two other girls. 3 girls scored 51 of our 64 points, with freshman Ivy Wolf getting 20 and rs freshman Edyn Batlle 14. Peyton Scott was held to 17. Toledo had 5 girls in double figures. For one of the few times this year, we won the turnover battle. Toledo had 15, Miami a season low 11. Wolf and Scott each played 38 minutes.

Good to cut down the turnovers. Telling quote from UT player-we got a lot of wide open shots.

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