Miami women at Kent tonight at 7:00 on ESPN3

This is game 2 of a 6 game in 12 days run. Miami is 7-12 ( 3-7). Kent is 12-7 (4-6). Last year the two teams split, Kent winning at home on a stickback basket by Lindsey Thall, Miami winning in Oxford on a 3 at the buzzer by Peyton Scott. Miami just upset third place Western Michigan on the road and Kent just beat EMU on Saturday.

Kent has two power conference wins on its resume. Against EMU 6-2 Jr Nia Blackford had 17 and 6-2 Sr Lindsey Thall had 16. 5-11 Jr Katie Shumate had 11, and 5-10 Sr Hanna Young 10.

Miami has 3 girls averaging in double digits. Jr G Peyton Scott averages 18.9 ppg and also leads the team in rebounds, assists, and steals Freshman G Ivy Wolf averages 10.5 and RS freshman G Edyn Battle 10.2. Kent’s leading scores are all centers and forwards, Miami’s are all guards.

9-8 Kent at the 5 and under TO. Battle with 4, Foster-Walker and Scott with 2 each. No turnovers so far.

20-14 Kent ate the end of one. We fouled a lot and they got a lot of points at the line, plus they have 3 threes and we have none.

Kent has hit 3 out of 5 on threes and 7 of 8 from the line. Only 2 twos. We are 0 for 5 on threes.

31-23 Kent at the 4 and under TO. We are still fouling and Kent hit another 3. Battle has 8 and Scott 6. We have a bunch of offensive rebounds but no stickbacks.

38-25 Kent. TO Miami. Same thing, we keep fouling they hit them all, and they hit another 3.

Seems like our plan is to bull our way into trying to force a layup or shoot an ill-advised three. We talk about our men’s coach, but our women’s coach needs to go 30-0 just to get to .500 for her time here. And she didn’t inherit a dumpster fire so can’t say that about her.

Kent is 5 for 9 on threes, Miami is1 for 8. We only have 5 turnovers, so that is not the issue tonight. Kent is 13 for 15 on free throws, but we keep fouling. Peyton Scott has 2 fouls and sat out the las 2 minutes. Battle has 8 , Scott 6, and Foster-Walker 4. Rebounds Scott with 6 and Foster Walker with 7. Jada Duckett has not played and I did not see her on the bench. Ti Fulton shot the ball 3 times and she did not come within 5 feet of the basket on any of them.

Katie Shumate has 10 and Bridgett Dunn 9 ( off the bench) for Kent.

52-43 Kent halfway through the third quarter. Scott now has 3 fouls. We hit some threes finally. Scott and Battle with 10, Wolf with 6. We have been pressing and the tempo has picked up a bit.

62-50 Kent at the end of the third quarter.

67-52 TO Miami with 8 minutes to go. Our big girls are always out of position. Always.

75=57 Kent at the 5 and under To. Nila Blackford with 20 points and 8 rebounds, plus Thall and Dunn both have 11. Those are their 3 6-2 girls who rotate in and out at the 4 and 5 spots.

83- 61 Kent. Our centers got badly outplayed. That would be Richason, Foster-Walker, and Fulton. Duckett was a no show. It just seemed to me that there was a poor execution of the scouting report, as they let Kent girls go to there strength all night long. Two road games in 3 days is always going to be tough. They will get home late tonight and have another very quick turnaround as the best team in the league this year, Toledo, comes to Oxford Wednesday night.

Scott 16, Wolf 13, Battle 12. It is a good thing that those three girls are starting to consistently get into double digits. Foster- Walker had 11 rebounds, 7 offensively, but what she does with them after she gets pretty much negates their value.

So it sounds to me like Miami has a coaching problem here as great (large) though perhaps different than Miami has with the men’s team.

Were it my call (which of course it is not), I’d blow up both coaching staffs and find (hopefully) something better as Miami basketball is a joke. Obviously, I’m not anywhere near Oxford so I cannot comment on what goes on in practices; whatever it is, it does not appear to be translating to improving team results in games.

I’d be fine with giving Hendrix a little leeway. Half the team decomitted or transferred before she arrived on campus, she only had one season pre-covid, and they’ve been short staffed this season after an assistant left for a head job right before the season and they didn’t have time to find a replacement. If there continues to be no progress over the next year or two, then it’ll be time for a change.

Owens, on the other hand, is probably gone in March if we continue the trajectory we’re on.

You’re too patient.

I’d go for the HD: Henderson Duo…ASAP…

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With all the talk about Colleen Day, I had assumed she was one of the assistants during Megan Duffy’s tenure. Out of curiosity, I just looked it up and she actually wasn’t retained when Duffy took the job. So people are campaigning for someone who was a lower level assistant on Fantanarosa teams that went 111-108, was the lead assistant during the disastrous Cleve Wright tenure, and has been an assistant on some mediocre mid-majors since then.

I get that a lot of people on here know and like Henderson and Day on a personal level, but can we not hire people primarily because of their Miami connections? The value proposition in hiring someone with a personal connection to the program is that you can bring in someone who otherwise might not consider you (like Ryan Pedon). It’s not to go after people who you would never be interested in without the connection.


For the record, I was clapping for the too patient comment only. :slight_smile:

Coach has had 3 of the probably top 10 players in the program in the last 20 years maybe? Not getting it done.

Miami lost to Toledo by 10 on the road; they will likely lose by the same amount tomorrow at home

I would have no problem with Henderson taking over. I struggle to understand what Day’s qualifications are for being head coach.

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I will address this in the morning, just got home from the game and want to go to bed. I do not agree with you.