Miami women at Eastern Michigan Wednesday at 7 on ESPN+

Eastern started off the season 1-7 and fired Head Coach FredCastro. Castro was in his eighth season and had only one winning season. They promoted assistant Ke’ Sha Blanton to interim head coach. Blanton’s first assistant coaching position was at Miami under Coach Duffy. She also was interim head coach at both Detroit and Oakland, and last year they had a couple of major upsets in the Horizon tournament and made it all the way to the Finals. I remember Bluesman pushing for her to be hired to replace Duffy when she left for Marquette. Wonder how that would have changed our last 3 seasons. While I am at it, I will mention that Kennedi Miles is starting for EMU this season . Miles is a 6-2 post player who had signed with Duffy at Miami (graduate of Walnut Hill). When Duffy left she signed with Illinois and started there for 2 seasons, then when their coach retired, transferred to Marquette for the last two seasons. She did not start there and transferred to EMU this year. She is starting now but has not put up big numbers.

EMU is 4-10 (1-3), Miami is 3-11 (1-3). The MAC is not good at all this season, although the three 4-0 teams at top (Toledo, Ball State, and Kent) are very good and all 3 are capable of winning post season games.The other 8 teams all have some issues and that give us the opportunity to win a bunch of games vs these teams and sneak into the tournament . It certainly gives the girls something to shoot for. Our record is about the same as theirs and We have played a tougher schedule. Besides Miles, Eastern also have 6-3 post, Tara Eke, who is pretty good. Last week vs WM we dominated the paint. That will be hard to do tomorrow, but we may match up well on the perimeter. So let’s go for two in a row and move into the top 8 in the MAC with another road win.

9-8 Miami halfway through the first quarter. Our1-3-1 one traps caused Eastern early troubles and they turned it over the first 4 times they had the ball… Their big girls are stopping our post up offense so far.

We held Eastern scoreless for the final 5:48 and lead 14-8. They have completely stopped our post up game, but we have hit a couple of 3’s and a couple of driving layups. Edwards, who normally starts, has not played yet.

Edwards in street clothes.

Six turnovers in the first quarter.

18-9 Miami with 7 minutes to go in the second quarter. TO EMU. Lard and Brown are playing the best that I have seen them. We are quicker than the Eastern guards. In fact, we are running our offense with more aggressiveness and speed than in the past.

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26-19 Miami at the half. Eastern went through an 0 for 14 streak but started scoring late.

Jaydyn Scott has 11 points at the half, hitting 2 3’s. Cori Lard was good, with 4 points and 2 steals. Katey Richason has 7 rebounds, no one else on either team has more than 3.

Austin hit Eastern’s first two baskets, both 3’s. Her 6 points lead the team. 6-3 Tara Eke has 3 blocks and has changed several other shots forcing close in misses.

We have not had a particularly good shooting, game, but EMU has been horrible. Miami is 33/37/ 75. Eastern is 30/22/16.

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A piece of trivia from Tim Bray. The last week is the first time in her life that Maddison Huhn ( from San Diego) has seen snow.

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@DICK Jadyn has 0 points. Jada has 9. Starters have only scored 11 points. The bench is producing.

I got the stats from ESPN. The announcer says there is confusion about the scoring.

Very sloppy. 11 Miami turnovers and 15 for Eastern -only halfway through the third.

Eastern scored the first 7 points of the third and tied it up. We are up 28-26 half way through the third. Thanks for the correction Grumpy. I thought Jada had more.

Jadyn now 0-8. Starters with only 16 points.

We are up 34-32 at the end of 3. Anybody’s game for sure. Eastern was pretty tough defensively in the 3rd, giving us few open looks from outside and blocking most of our indie shots. Eke has 5 blocks herself.

Tretter opened the 4th with a 3, putting us up 5. Eastern quickly hit two treys and we called TO, down 1. First Eastern lead since the first quarter.

Our starting backcourt, Huhn and Juro have two shots combined and missed both.

Miami’s offense is getting more stagnant every possession. Everybody is standing around on the perimeter. 9-0 EMU run. Looking like a replay of last night unfolding. Eastern up by 4

13-0 run before we scored. Halfway through the 4th quarter we are down 8. We only have 13 second half points.

Almost a mirror image of last night’s men’s team last 10 minute collapse. Nine blocked shots and 17 turnovers.Tough to watch.