Miami women at Eastern Michigan at 7 on ESPN3

Miami is 8-15 ( 4-10) while Eastern Michigan is 5-16 ( 2-12). One of EMU’s two MAC wins was in Oxford, 80-69. This is Miami’s 6th game in 12 days and Monday in Bowling Green we looked dead most of the night and played horrible defense ( it was BG’s biggest margin of victory in Robyn Fralick’s tenure at BG). Hopefully the girls bussed up to Eastern after the game and spent Tuesday and today up there getting rested and prepared. In the first game vs Eastern, two girls had huge games for the Eagles. Forward Areanna Coombs had 29 point and 8 rebounds while post player Ce’Narar Skanes had 21 points and 10 rebounds. Peyton Scott had a season high 32 that night.

Scott needs 12 points tonight to pass former teammate Savannah Kluesner and move into 10th place in Miami history. She is averaging 19.3ppg and also leads the team in rebounds, assists, and steals. Freshmen Ivy Wolf 10.9 and Edyn Battle 10.3 have been consistent contributors lately.

9-2 Eastern, TO Miami. Eagle look fast, RedHawks slow.

19-12 Eastern at the end of one. Scott with 6 for Miami, Combs with 5 for the Eagles. We are not looking sharp at all.

Inexplicably, the second quarter starts with Peyton on the bench.

She comes in at the first whistle.

Ugh 30-14. Nothing going right.

4:28 to go in the 2nd. We don’t have a FG this quarter.

30-14 EMU, TO Miami. We have almost all forced shots and no offensive rebounds on all the misses. Again, we are a step behind on everything.

38-25 Eastern with 1:30 left.

Dick: your suggestion of consideration for Jermaine and wife to come to Miami as package deal to coach men’s and women’s hoops is looking more viable all the time.


38-27 at the half as Scott went on a run, cutting the lead from 18 to 11. EMU had a 12-0 run in Quarter 1, and a 13-0 run in Quarter 2. Scott has 15 and Wolf 5, Battle has not scored and is 0 for 6, they have not allowed her to get to the rim. Otherwise, the rest of our offensive attack has been nonexistent.

For Eastern, Skanes has 6points and 7 rebounds while Combs has 9 points and 5 rebounds. Eastern is outrebounding us 23-15…Miami is 0 for 5 on threes after only making 1 on Monday at BG. That is a definite sign of tired legs.

51-35 Eastern as they are on another long roll after Miami cut it to 5. Another sign of the lack of organization on this team is the number of times someone cherrypicks or leaks out and gets an unmolested layup as no one is back. There is always supposed to be someone who is supposed to get back and not let anyone behind her. This happens time and again. And if should not happen more than a few times all year.

Combs is up to 16 points, Scott with 18 for us.

With 3 minutes to go in the third and a 16 point lead, Combs has turned an ankle and limped off.

Eastern had a 17-3 run to get the lead up to 20, then we chopped it to 14 at the end of 3. Scott has 23, Wolf still has 6. The offense is all Scott, nobody else seems able to do anything.

63-57 with 4 minutes to go. Eastern without Combs is like Miami without Scott. We might pull this out yet. Scott with 27, Wolf up to 13. Garrelts hit 2 threes and created 4 jump balls defensively.

Wolf with a3 and it is 63-61, BUT Combs got in an arguement with the trainer and is now coming back in.

When will our guards realize that Foster-Walker can’t catch the entry pass?

Eastern hit a 3 and Scott turned it over twice, down 5 with a minute to go.