Miami women at Buffalo Saturday 2:00 ESPN3

We lost to Buffalo 81-76 in Oxford a couple of weeks ago. The two teams are tied in the standings and both lost close games at Central Michigan in the last week. Buffalo has beaten Miami 15 times in a row, but this team is nothing like those powerhouse squads. After graduation, Coach leaving, most returning players transferring, they only have one girl in their rotation that played last season. Their new coach did recruit two Division 2 All Americans and they have been the stars.
ReShawna Stone averages 16.5ppg and Zakiyah Winfield averages 15 ppg and 10.3 rpg.

Miami is not eliminated from going to Cleveland, but the last couple of losses of winnable games makes it tough. A win over Buffalo would get us to at least 9th place ( top 8 go to Cleveland). We have played better late in the season, but are losing close games.

NIU had a major upset at BG Wednesday night, BG’s first home loss, and that dropped BG out of the first place tie with Ball State.
BS 12-1
BG 11-2
UT 11-2
KS 8-5
AU 6-7
EMU 5-8
WM 5-8
NIU 5-8
UB 4-9
MU 4-9
CMU 4-9
OU 3-10

13-8 RedHawks halfway through the first half.

We were up 9-0 but Coach Hendrix started subbing and now it is Miami 18, UB 16 at the end of one. Cluse played great in the first 5 minutes, then cost us 3 or 4 possessions with mistakes.

23 -18 Buffalo as we keep committing live ball turnovers giving them fast breaks. The announcer is doing a good job of pointing out some of clueless dumb things we do.

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33-27 Buffalo at the half. At the end of the first quarter, we turned it over, allowing them to get the last shot. At the end of the second quarter, they ran a play and got a three at the buzzer. Cluse has 11 and Morrow 5. Their 3 very good guards have 9,8, and 6.

So we went from 9 up to 6 down.

41-36 Buffalo halfway through the third period. Scott is now sitting out with 3 fouls, all three completely worthless, careless fouls. Wolf continues her scoring slump, she has 2 points.

50-46 Buffalo with 1 minute to go in the 3rd quarter.

You can’t make this stuff up, we bring the ball up with 25 seconds to go and Scott starts to drive with 15 seconds to go and forces a pass and turns it over and UB gets the extra possession again but misses. STUPID BASKETBALL!!! So down 6 with a quarter to go. Still winnable.

59-57 Buffalo halfway through the 4th quarter. Cluse 18, Scott 13, Wolf 8 halfway through the 4th quarter. Their 3 have 17, 15, and 12.

I find watching these games depressing. Our good player making mental errors. We should still win, but man this is sad.

OMG, we throw some atrocious passes.

Fortunately, so does Buffalo.

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Tie game our ball, 43 seconds to go.

Morrow hit a 3 with 24 seconds left. We are up 3, their ball.

They missed a 3, Richason rebounded, Scott got fouled and hit 2. TO UB, down 5 with 12 second

Yea us!

We win 72-67. Still alive!

Hey, we executed and played smart basketball in the last couple of minutes and that was enough today. Just a huge 3 pointer by Sierra Morrow with 24 seconds left in a tie game.

Hendrix now 3-18 in MAC road games the last two seasons.

You are ever consistent.

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