Miami vs San Diego State

We led by 6 at the end of the first quarter and now lead by 7 at halftime. Cluse has been limited to 2 points and Wolf to 5 points, so it appears that SDS is concentrating their defense on those two. Peyton Scott has come up big with 14 at the half. I am just following on stat tracker so no other observations.


SDSU on a 6-0 run. Miami now only up 1.

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Evidently SDS started pressing and we started fouling and turning it over. We are up 40-36 halfway through the quarter but are in serious foul trouble as Morrow has 4 and Freeman 3.

We are up 50 to 45 at the end of 3. SDS was 13 of 14 from the line in the 3rd quarter.

We had an 8 point lead with 7 minutes to go but SDS went on a 10-0 run and has a 2 point lead at the halfway media TO. Fouls and to’s are doing us in.

And we lose 66- 57. So with an 8 point lead with 7 minutes to go we got out scored by 17 the rest of the way. Defensive pressure once again forced us into a lot of turnovers which led to a lot of fouls which led to having to go to our weak bench.

Turnovers kill.

We ended with 20 turnovers and 21 fouls mostly in the second half. Wolf and Cluse were both held to 7 shots and 9 points. Scott had 17 shots and 23 points. We play West Virginia tomorrow at noon.

After seeing the energy and competence that Steele is bringing the men’s program, my sense is that Sayler will likely make a change in the women’s HC after the season.


I think beyond in game coaching (which I’m admittedly no expert on) the biggest most obvious question is why we have no bench. There are so many ways to get kids now and it’s not like Oxford is a tough sell for a quality degree.

It shouldn’t be. It wasn’t for Megan Duffy. And truthfully, Cleve did a decent job recruiting.

We had 5 or 6 girls leave the program between the end of last year and this season who had remaining eligibility. All played quite a bit last year. That accounts for the lack of depth this year…


Duffy won with what she was left with, which proves the difference good coaching can make. Other than Peyton Scott the promising recruits Duffy had coming to Oxford all went elsewhere when she left.

I know, but a great staff would find contributors. There’s a big world out there. The best coaches turn their 6’s and 7’s into a winning hand. Just seems obvious. Look at how hard Steele worked it to find 3 solid transfers. It can be done.

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