Miami vs Mn.Duluth hockey Fri Sat Dec 8+9, 7:05 pm start both nights

Go get ‘em,Miami RedHawks!

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UMD won tonight leaving us in sole possession of last place and as the only team left with 0 points

Gotta win at something……

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Ludwig gave up 5 goals.
Denver scored 7.

That game was wild, denver was leading 4-1 more than halfway through the game then they just crumbled and UND came back with fire

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That was crazy. I caught the last 30 minutes on Altitude. Both teams are really, really good.

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Berge said we’re getting Ryan Sullivan back, Bruno is pretty much healthy again and Albin Nilsson started skating today and he’ll be back by mid-January but we probably won’t see carogioiello for a while


Thanks for the info.

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Why is Spencer a scratch tonight?? Who is going to QB the powerplay, Aveon Smith??

Can’t skate, can’t play!

18 seconds in Miami scores.
1 minute later Miami scores again.


Now 2 to 2 in the middle of 2nd.

Let’s go!

Just curious as I’m a casual hockey fan - Does faceoff win percentage matter much or is it a non-factor for the most part?

You get a 10 minute major for that one!

14 minutes left 3 to 3

Tear it up, boys!

OT. I hate free hockey.

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Free Hockey 3 to 3

Officially a tie, but UMD gets the point for the shootout.