Miami upsets Kent in OT

Kent was 10-3 (2-0) coming into the game and had a win over Oklahoma State. Kent basically had the lead from the beginning until we took the lead with 22 seconds to go. They were up 10 a couple of times and hit 9 of their first 13 threes, then missed their last 9, giving us a chance. Peyton Scott, who had 22 points and 7 steals, hit 6 straight free throws in the last 70 seconds, including the two to tie and the two to give us a 2 point lead, then fouled out on a bad call as Kent, who was 25 out of 28 from the line, tied it up. Maddie Cluse had also fouled out on a bad call with a minute to go. We called a TO to advance the ball and then screwed up as first we had to use our last TO because we could not get it in and then we double dribbled with one second left and never got a shot off.

So heading into OT, without two of our stars and with Kent being a team with 10 good players, the liklihood of winning was slight. We went to a 1-2-2 zone ( we almost never zone). We played all 3 of our big girls and Wolf (who had 4 fouls) and Watkins at guards and we played our best 5 minutes of the year!! Wolf scored the first two buckets on short jumper and we dominated the boards and everybody made some big plays. What a great win!

We outscored them 16 - 8 in OT and the final score was 84 - 76. It is worth watching the replay, probably starting at the beginning of the 4th quarter.


Wolf had 5 points at the half but ended up with 25.

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Yes! I will give credit is due and that was an EXCELLENT win. Congratulations to the ladies.

Yea us!

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