Miami/UC Game Individual And Team Stats

Don’t need to win the battle of stats…just score more points! That’s how underdogs do it!

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Wow, didn’t realize Gage didn’t have another catch the rest of the game. We said earlier this week that other guys would need to step up. 5 other receivers caught balls. And even though I hold my breath every time he does it, Gabbert running was the difference tonight.


He did have a second catch later for 17 yards, as least according to the box score now.

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Biggest thing that isn’t immediately apparent from the stats is how well the defense played. True bend but don’t break and they had huge stops in the red zone. If Cincy scored a touchdown each time they got to the red zone, we lose 24-50 in regulation (well, 24-49 really, they wouldn’t have gone for two on the one TD then).

Also Gabbert had a career best rushing performance. 65 yards isn’t that many but there were several times where him scrambling was the difference between a drive stalling out or not.

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Having UC key on Gage after the magnificent TD play to start the game actually in my opinion did Miami a favor of sorts. It forced the coaches to focus on spreading the ball around to other players, and forced other players to step up. In the long run, not only tonight, that will be a good thing.