Miami’s transfer outs

Per Phil Steele, Woullard will start at Oklahoma, Larvadain will start at South Carolina, Nicholson with be the kicker at Alabama and Amos will be the #2 RB at Ole Miss to start the season.

We lost some good ones.


What transfer portal guys does he have listed as starters for us? Without looking anything up I can think of a wr/punt returner, a pass rushing DE, and a starting lb who all received All MAC recognition last year who are returning starters. We also added several more during the off season. While no one likes losing great players, we are doing OK in this area.

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Steele doesn’t have any of this season’s transfer-ins listed as starters, probably because none have put up much tape at their old schools. I’m well-aware of the guys we’ve transferred-in over the past three or four years who are total ballers for us.

My point was that a few people had projected some of our guys who transferred out would be deep backups at the schools they transferred to. Apparently, that’s not the case.

One trend from last year is guys who transferred in from other schools, established themselves as legit at Miami during a single season, and then moved on immediately - Larvadain and Amos.

Woullard and Nicholson were home grown and worked their way into prizes coveted by top P4 contenders. We’re producing some legit players in house on our own.

I’m quite happy with what guys like Wise, Suttle, McDonald, Ugwu, Mozee, and other guys we’ve picked up have contributed and continue to contribute to Miami’s success. And I’m glad they stayed after they transferred to Oxford.


I’ll be very curious to see how much Amos plays. Ole Miss has Ulysses Bentley and at some point they’ll get Logan Diggs (an LSU transfer) back from injury. They also have a slew of other talented backs. The first two schools he committed too made way more sense to me. Colorado and Miss St lost basically all their RBs to the portal. I think he would’ve been the featured guy at those places. At Ole Miss at best he’ll be splitting carries.

As far as Woullard goes, I saw Steele had him as their starting DE and that surprised me a little, but more power to the guy. Gage surprised me less. We have a pretty good track record of guys transferring out and having success at higher levels. Pace, Butler (who is still at UVA somehow), Phelps, Saunders (also at Ole Miss) to name a few.

As far as the incoming transfers go I think Dylan Downing will be RB1, but we have pretty good depth there. I wonder more about the receivers. Perry and Johnson. There’s definitely room someone to emerge from that group beyond Tracy, McDonald and Virgil. I’m also curious how much Luke Evans will play. Steele has him listed as our starting CB opposite Strader.

Anyone more in the know have a sense for where the incoming transfers will fit in depth chart wise?

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I noted that Luke Evans entry, too.

Sorry missed that. But yeah he’s an unknown. William Hardrick too. Also from Miss St. Transferred in last year and played more towards the end of the season.

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Phil Steele writes most of his magazine in the spring, starting it during bowl season so he likely won’t have some of the transfer decisions and their final destinations.

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He knows Amos is at Ole Miss. That happened late spring.

It was pretty current. He even had the FCS d tackle we got and that was a post spring addition I believe.

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