Miami preview series 2023-24

Part I, overview:

2023-24 Miami Preview: Overview – View From the Glass


Berg and staff are cowards for refusing to be interviewed


This seems like a solid and factually based evaluation of where our program is right now. An unsuccessful head coach hiding from objective media coverage is not a good look - either for him or the University. And declaring an objective media outlet persona non grata to the program is ridiculous.

Hoping for the best this year but bracing for another year of misery…

I’m not sure that I can root for this team. If Bergeron was handling his difficulties with some grace and class I’d be all in on him turning things around. However, I just don’t find myself in that place but rather in the dark place of just wanting the Hindenburg to crash so we can start over next year.

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It kind of reminds me of the Treadwell era in football. It’s the Miami hockey version of that.

Eventually, Sayler will learn that hiring former players, coaches, staff, etc., isn’t always the best thing to do…

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Bates hired Treadwell.

Too bad coaches won’t give interviews or allow players to do so. Great write up though, very objective and fair from my point of view. Seems to be right on point with evaluations of the players. Would like to see some improvement this year, I’ll keep my hopes up but won’t get too excited like I did early last year.

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Part II: Forwards – Here…

Part III: Defensemen – Here…

First Game is Saturday night (10/7/23). I don’t see any game notes yet on


My kid did Bob Daniels’ summer camp at Ferris State once when Miami’s camp had a waitlist. Bob and Drew both hold Miami degrees and are great guys!