Miami (OH) vs. The U if Miami has a good article and argument that Miami University should seize control of the Miami name and drop the “of Ohio”.

I’m in. It would be a long haul, but so what? We are the original Miami, after all.

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It doesn’t help that the university website domain is miamiOH dot edu…

Ohio is part of Miami’s branding, whether we like it or not.

The days of “Miami was a university before Florida was a state” are long, long, gone.

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One advantage we have is that Coral Gables chose to brand themselves as “The U”.

Never really understood that unless they did it so as not to be confused with us. That is paying a little bit of homage in itself.

We have the opportunity to make a real statement on this issue on September 2 next year when we play them. I am surprised the writer did not mention it.

Miami of Ohio still works for me…

It has a special ring that Miami-OH or Miami-Ohio just don’t have. Pretending we’re just Miami will always identify us with Florida. We are born “of” the Ohio frontier!

Mizzou, Ole Miss, Cal, Wazzu, Pitt, ‘Cuse, UVA, and Miami of Ohio. All brands that should be celebrated!

And I still have that red and white Miami of Ohio button I bought at the Shriver Center bookstore in 1969.


I might still have a CD or two from Loony T. Birds. Just sayin’