Miami @ Niagara Series

We won’t be getting Albin or Frankie back for this series, Albin should be coming back soon but there’s no telling how long we’ll be missing Frankie.

We will probably see Alex Murray again!

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If you’re bored…our brief preview: Preview: Miami at Niagara – View From the Glass


Alex Murray not in the lineup tonight :frowning:

He was injured early in their game against Robert Morris earlier this month

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1-0 bad guys…now 2-0 as I type this. 3:38 left in the first.

End of 1.

Miami 0
Falls 2

SOG, 15-8 Falls.

Not a very inspired period.

Logan has seen a lot of action

3-0. 2-on-0 breakaway.

End of 2

Miami 0
Falls 3

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Big 3rd incoming!!

Niagara 4th goal called off the refs are here for the comeback

And it’s 3-1. Waldron slams a rebound home. Still 11 minutes left.

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Maybe we can squeak in another

They had lots of juice in the second half of the third, just not enough. They needed to play better earlier


Late ENG

Miami 1
Falls 4

(I can’t ‘I need a beer’ my own post)

UPDATE: For all of disagreements I’ve had on this site, I just read the Miami ones on FB. Jesus. I’m surprised Miami has that many dumb alums.

Bummer. Football is back. Basketball is almost there. Hockey please get hot!!!


Consistency has been a major issue with this team.

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From the latest VFTG:

…Miami was outshot, 15-8 outscored 2-0 and outplayed by any other tangible or intangible metric in the opening 20 minutes, following consecutive off weekends.

Does that include faceoffs?

Back to lurking.

Niagara 40 FOW
Miami. 24 FOW
Yes. And, 46% Faceoffs won this season.

I think everything is consistently in trouble

I feel like faceoffs were pretty even through the first, even second period but then when it mattered and we were trying to come back is when it started getting lopsided.

Looking at the box score we were up on faceoffs after the first period, even after the second then we went 2-18 in the third

Interesting since some of our best chances came in the third