Miami men at Georgia State Saturday at 2 on ESPN+

I feel like this describes the entire Pirates organization…

Yeah, it’s basically a team of Bronson Arroyos. Solid, innings eaters, but no aces.

As guitar playing pitchers go, he was an All Star.

“I think our issue on offense isn’t just schematic.” What you have pointed out is certainly true, our go to guy is Darwishi Hunter, who is having easily the best season of his D-1 career. but he is like a 13 point per game scorer, primarily a 3 point shooter. That is what we need to work around. Making a few changes to our offense so that we are not just doing the same thing time and again is an old coaching trick. Guarding becomes much easier when you only have one or two looks that you give the opponent. If you throw in 4 or 5 plays which you use at least once or twice a game and which you can change from game to game, it is much more challenging to defend and can get you some easy buckets. Coach Steele runs some nice out of bounds plays or calls a play out of a TO, that is helpful, but what MZ is saying and I am saying is that we could use some plays designed for a particular matchup or to create an open shot for a certain guy to throw into the mix and that can make us look different and harder to defend.

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