Miami Legend and College HOF Great Bob Babich has died

My family moved to SW Ohio in 1967 and the first name I learned of Miami football greats was Bob Babich. He got a lot of ink in the local press and his exploits captured my young imagination.

Love and Honor Bob Babich

Former Chargers linebacker Bob Babich dies at 74

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Miami’s only College Football Hall-of-Famer (as player).

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I remember going into The Boar’s Head and sometimes fights would happen on Friday & Saturday nights. After football season was over, Babich was waiting to be drafted and would work as The Bouncer at the bar. When you walked in, Babich would be sitting on a large wooden barrel by the door, eyeing all who came in. Not many fights happened when he was working.


This is sad news. Bob and I both lived in Stanton during the 65-66 school year. Freshmen couldn’t play then but he was already being acknowledged as being as good as anyone on the varsity. At least one night a week he and his roommate, Errol Kahoun, a DT, would push the furniture in their room against the wall and wrestle in the center. Huge crowds would gather in the hallway.

RIP. #LoveAndHonor


Sad news. I met Bob at the 1986 California Bowl. He and his two buddies had the room next to mine at the hotel. Great guy!