Miami jerseys

I mentioned this a few years back, but I don’t believe we’ve ever worn a jersey with “RedHawks” across the front. I’m not complaining, but are we the only MAC team that has never had our nickname on our jerseys?

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Contact Darrell Hallberg, the equipment manager for Miami athletics. Let him know how you feel. Just might end up with what you want on the jerseys.

The jerseys are done in coordination with the Athletic Director, Head Coach, Equipment Manager and sometimes the President and depending on what is on the jersey they need to involve the Miami Tribe.


I don’t necessarily “want” them to do it. Just making an observation. Good to know though- thanks!

I thought the Women’s team wore a RedHawks script jersey during their last home game.

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The women do have a jersey with RedHawks script.


He was not talking about the women’s team.

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No, but I was verifying @NESCACDAD’s speculation that the women wore such a jersey.

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Hasn’t helped with the winning.

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