Miami in Super League Football Proposal

Miami is shown in the first draft of the new proposed college football Super League.

We would be in the Under League Division which would be a rotating group of teams outside the Power 5 teams. Teams would move in and out of this division annually based on their play in the previous year.

We are in the first draft due to our performance last year as is Toledo.

Possession is 99% of the law. Let’s keep performing. Harder to get in than to stay in.

Looking at that setup, looks like Vanderbilt’s only possible win could be GeorgiaTech, man that would a brutal schedule every year

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It is basically the old SEC that Vandy played for years so nothing really different for them. Yes, it is brutal if you are Vandy.

Who is pushing this? A blogger? Since the SEC and Big 10 are intent in grabbing the entire pie for themselves why does anyone think they would agree to this?


Gordon Gee (seriously). The plan is getting zero traction, even with the conference other than the SEC/B1G but it’s the off season so people have to talk about something.