Miami Golf sweeps podium at Ross Collegiate Classic

Didn’t see this posted on here yet. Miami Golf took the top three individual spots at the Ross Collegiate Classic and took 2nd overall behind Loyola (MD). Here’s hoping golf can bring back a MAC Championship to Oxford this year


We should be amazing in golf as there are epic courses right near us. How Kent has done it I’ll never know. When I was at MU we finished 8th in the country at the NCAA!s. Hard to know how good this tourney was. But a huge step in the right direction.


This was a decent, but not great tournament…all mid-major competition. James Madison was the highest ranking team in the field @ #134 (according to Clippd, who is doing the rankings this year). Miami is ranked #137. Ironically, Miami would have won the tournament if JD had played Brett Podobinski as a part of the team (he played as an individual so his score didn’t count towards the team’s result). Oh well…a nice bounce-back performance after a slow start at the Border Olympics earlier this month. Let’s hope the momentum continues! A MAC Championship and NCAA appearance are definitely within reach this year!!

Their long time coach Herb Page was a Canadian with strong connections to the Canadian national amateur team. He was able to recruit a lot of the best talent from Canada. They currently have 3 Canadian alums in the OWGR top 100 (Connors, Hughes, Pendrith). He also mixed in the top talent from Ohio.

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The best MU team I ever saw had these three cats on it (and with time memory gets hazy, but I think I have it right)

Martin Vandenberg (spelling?) Dutch guy. Great student. Won NCAA freshman of the year over Tiger Woods! (Someone can bust my chops if I’m wrong here. He beat Tiger in something that year.) Had back problems and was never able to put it together for a pro career. I think he’s my age.

Kyle Voska. Amazing college player who was a big piece of the team that got to the quarters of the ncaa tourney.

Brad Adamonis. Solid college player but maybe our best pro since Jim Lohr. He came in 2nd at an event on the PgA tour and had a few other top 10’s. Won a Nationwide event. Currently on the senior tour. Brad was a Rolex All American as a junior on the same team as David Duvall and other big name pros.

Roger the coach from back in the day had it dialed in.

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Yep, all those guys were really freaking good. Voska also played in a few PGA Tour events.

Unofficial title of most talented Miami golfer ever probably goes to Sean Gorgone.

A good buddy of mine who played on the team in the early 90’s held a less than stellar opinion of ol Rodger Cromer.

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Well, I only knew Roger peripherally. He might have been hard to play for. Wouldn’t be in a position to know that. But, he did save golf from the chopping block. I wish we’d have been able to save tennis. He’s got my respect in that regard as it must have required serious maneuvering.

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You are correct and I completely agree.


Roger Cromer was also in charge of intramurals and I did some officiating for him and got to know him. Then after I retired I started going to The Grand Victoria ( now The Rising Star) once a week to play video poker where I reconnected with him as he and his wife did the same. They also had football season tickets and I would talk to them there. I found out that he was close friends with Bud Middaugh who was the Miami Baseball coach before leaving for Michigan. I had Middaugh for two coaching Courses and had a notebook full of drills and plays which I used when I coached baseball.

IMO top 5 Miami golfers were Patrick Flavin, Maarten van den Berg, Mark Brewer, Sean Gorgone and Kyle Voska. All of them were all MAC for all 4 years. Each were All Americans except Flavin. All of them won 3 or more tournaments. Flavin is arguably the best of the bunch with the most wins and the lowest career scoring average. Although scoring average is not a great metric with golf getting considerably easier with improvements to equipment technology.

Most successful pro careers were Bob Lohr and Brad Admamonis. Patrick Flavin has also had a very promising career so far.

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not to bump my own thread but Flavin actually just won on one of the mini tours in California. Hope he makes it back to the Tour soon

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Bud Middaugh was a fun interview. But a bit hard to understand because he had the chewing stuff in his mouth!

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