Miami football reboot

I think coach needs to rethink his Miami football strategy

First of all I would say I like Coach Martin and I would say he is doing a B level job. If you take out the first two years he is 40-37 and 33-18 in the MAC. That is basically a 5-3 6-6 type season every year.

But I feel the program is stale, boring and not striving to be the highest level

Here is what I would change

  1. create an identity on offense. Right now I have no idea what we are doing. We threw 46 times with Aveon vs Ball Stte. We threw 23 times vs Akron with Brett. I would do that by a) changing play callers and b) recruiting a stud qb and/or rb and building the offense around them. Having 6 running backs. Having the defense dictate our play calling. Trying to win games 17-14. We have never scored 50 points under Coach Martin. This years top number was 31. These are not recipes for a great program

  2. Revamp recruiting strategies. From the stories I get we seem to do well in recruiting but are we getting the right players? How many tight ends do you need if you cant trust your qb to throw over the middle. How many 3 star o lineman do we need when the line is still average. We need stud QBs -Rbs-Wrs-DE-CB-LB. We have a team full of tight ends and safeties. We have 17 kids on the team from Indiana - that seems ridiculous. We need to get way faster.

  3. is it possible to have a star player in Oxford? Maybe NIL makes it impossible. Maybe Coach Martin is playing 4 D chess and making it so nobody is all league so nobody can transfer up? Still we have lost our best defensive and offensive player in back to back years to the portal. That is a huge red flag. When Miami has been really good they have had pros at the key spots (Ben-Travis-Wally). We need a star and build your team around him

  4. be more aggressive on defense. Our defense is good but it is dependent on the other teams qb being bad. We need to call more blitzes

  5. Make Miami more fan friendly. I know we are stuck with Maction but playing both rivals on Tuesday night is ridiculous. We also played a home game during 3 day break. We need better scheduling. We also need to get real updates on the program. The game notes are worthless. We never knew all year what the injury status of Gabbert was. What happened to Mozie-Ty Wise-McKee- Blakely. Starters just disappear with no explanation. Vegas knows. Our opponents know. So I think the fans should get to know

  1. We have had pros recently-Dom Robinson (who changed positions twice while at Miami) and Sterling Weatherford-both with the Bears. Plus Tommy Doyle and a couple of others.

  2. We can have star players, and just did- see #1 above but also see Lonnie Phelps, Ivan Pace, and Kam Butler. We can have them, just don’t expect them to stick around once they hit “star” status. In today’s portal era, most once they become “stars” will attempt to move up to P5.

There is also some validity to your other points as well.


Yeah I agree with a lot of that RS…so many RBs, no studs though.

Our offensive strategy is so conservative and not dynamic.

But thats Chuck, I’d be shocked if lets Koehler go…they probably all feel that did great and have saved their jobs.


You know you are one of my favorite posters. You addressed this to Chuck, but all your excellent points under #5 have nothing to do with Chuck and should go to our AD.

Running up high point totals goes against everything Coach believes in. When we are way up in the third quarter, he is already thinking slow the game down and hopefully get his starters out early in the 4th quarter so he can run his 4th team running backs up the middle the rest of the game. He does not want to score 50 points!

You are a generation younger than I am and I think it is reflected in your desire for a more wide open higher scoring game. When I was growing up and when I was in college, 17-14 was like an average score, 20-7, 13-0, 10-7. 2 touchdown leads and the game was pretty well over. It is why 66-6 was such a shocking, jaw dropping score when it happened… I enjoy the old fashioned, close games. That is also something Chuck seems to value and I would guess his success at Grand Valley with many bad weather games has something to do with that.

I am not sure what can be done to keep stars here. The best football player and the best basketball player from last year both left. I know Dae Dae has had at least two 25 point games for Duquesne and Pace was picked first team Midseason All American by ESPN. They are in big cities and may be getting money from NIL. It only makes it look like they made a good choice. I guess we could find some alums to donate a million each year to keep our best FB player here for another season?

I agree #5 is for Sayler

I am not asking to run up the score. I just want us to call real plays for the backups so that we give them real reps

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I also have complained loudly about that for several years.

  1. I agree in that we can be more diverse and creative offensively while trying to keep possessions down and rely more on a power game. We don’t need to score 50 points, but there’s no reason why we can’t score at least 28 points a few more times.

  2. Offensive line development needs to improve. Under Coach Barnett, we had Doyle go to the NFL and Godlevske transfer up to Oklahoma St. Nothing since. Better offensive line play will help RB play and I like what we have in Shelton, Mozee when healthy, and Davis. Wide receiver, I’d like us to find some more speed. It’s hard to argue with our defensive recruiting. Look at all of the guys that went FBS last year and Robinson is on the field regularly with the Bears. I’m afraid that Salopek and Saunders will be portal guys. So I think offensive recruiting needs to improve, defensively through our own recruiting and the portal, it’s been fine IMO.

  3. It’s hard to know until it happens. Ivan Pace was overlooked, we were there for him, he played well and then he’s gone. I’m sure there are people with resources but if it becomes a competition of resources, we’re going to lose out more often than not.

  4. Ideally, if you can rush 4 and play coverage, that will make it harder for offenses to score as they have to drive the field. I’m ok with bending but not breaking in this age of football. And we were 37th in defensive efficiency through 11 games. But stay creative, as with the winning play Tuesday when we dropped both defensive ends into coverage, which forced a turnover.

  5. This is as likely to happen as SE Michigan getting regional mass transit. The same conversations I was having with marketing staff 20 years ago are still happening. The in-game experience is pretty poor.

Why is the band playing, “Let’s Go Hawks” on 4th and 8 and the punt team is coming on. Why is there upbeat music being played after the other team scores?

Regarding scheduling, we’re at the mercy of ESPN, their contract, and the other powerbrokers from Power 5 conferences and schools that control the sport. We’re not in a position to bargain and change things so we’re stuck.


Being at the game this past Tuesday it’s striking how stale everything seemed to me. I think that’s the perfect word @Redsea. A lot of that stems from playing a game for the sole purpose of serving casual gamblers across the country via #MACTION to our junior high offense that was painful to watch for 54 minutes.

I come away thinking we’re so far away from 10-2 and winning big time games. Everything feels small-time.


The difference is that in the old days a two possession lead was secure. With modern offenses it’s very common for a team to be able to score multiple TDs to come back (especially if the other team is going 3 and out every drive). All that the stall ball game accomplishes is dragging things out and keeping the opponent in the game (which has burned us multiple times).


That kind of describes Tuesday’s game (albeit with BSU leading by two scores).

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To sum up, Miami FB is like driving a Model-T while many / most other schools are opting for Porsches and Teslas.


C’mon. We’re at least a Pontiac Aztec.


Except for a handful of plays Miami’s offense was just plain boring.

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or AMC Pacer.

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This debate is complex. And highly nuanced. It reminds me of a similar debate I got into with a good colleague (ok, total stranger) at an antiquarian book shoppe (fine, flea market) about whether nunchucks or nunchaku are a singular or a plural. It got heated pretty fast, and I still don’t know the answer.


Ford Edsel looks more like the Miami offense.

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Or Ford Fairlane…

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Good point about being at the mercy of ESPN but we’re not alone. Their schedulers even screw big time programs from time to time. They scheduled Saturday’s Apple Cup between Washington 9-2 and Washington State 7-4 for 10:30pm EST. Nobody east of Chicago will see more than the first quarter. And Washington features Michael Penix, Jr…

But the money’s good.