Miami Football Facebook Page - Feel Free To Join

Former Miami basketball player Chad Allen created the Group. Interesting content with many members you’ll recognize.

Coach Dick Crum joined earlier today.

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Based on the premise for its existence, no reason for me to join. I am more interested in building a modern, highly competitive RedHawks legacy.

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I don’t know what the premise for the Group’s existence is. Maybe Chad can answer that.

It spells it out in how it describes itself. Not that hard to decipher

Actually, the Group content is generally not related to the Group description. Just current and past players, coaches, and fans wishing the best for Miami.

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Then they should drop the bull crap about how the Redskins era is the “Real Miami””.”


It’s Chad’s decision. I imagine it has been mentioned before.

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I won’t be associated with that regressive page. Not sorry about my decision.