Miami Football Experience - Delaware State

Miami has the following GAMEDAY CENTRAL FAQ’s that provides information about Rosters, Ticketing, Parking, Concessions, etc…

> HERE’s the link for tickets.

However, I’m curious if anyone knows whether or not Miami has any special tailgate options? Food Trucks? etc…

Posting here because I was looking into both this question and @GuardHawk’s looking for things to do with his daughter. Kind of a generic response to the exact page you posted. Want me to follow up?

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All good. I think I have enough to go off of. Thanks again!

Just to add some color here, I gave @19goSkins a hard time about UC’s comp sci department. That view wasn’t just because of my time at Miami. I have student IDs from 5 different universities, including not just Miami, but also UC (luckily that was just one class) and others. I spent at least a full year at 3 of those 5 as a full time student and was very involved. Miami is the only one that makes it hard to give them my money for small to medium type things.

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So Miami says I can’t bring a hoverboard. But my jet pack is good to go!! :grinning:

Jive…thanks but I’m not sure there is more to add. The website is bare as it relates to pregame events. The GAMEDAY CENTRAL page is really not helpful with the type of information most people want to know.

Some will tailgate. For years I tailgated at Hannon. Great experience. However, I want to get to the game but will not have the time to go into much of a tailgate and was wondering what Miami has to offer. GAMEDAY CENTRAL doesn’t do the trick. I’ll hope that the story tomorrow adds more.

Agree that info is limited. I did find a bit more on this page: Gameday Central - Concessions - Miami University RedHawks

So there are food trucks and there’s a beer garden. Unfortunately that doesn’t tell me if there’s going to be food trucks outside of the stadium.

Usually there are food trucks in the west parking lot just outside of Millett, near the softball stadium.

Well, there’s now a link to tailgate packages on the website, although I have zero clue what they include:

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The department put something out several weeks ago outlining the options but I couldn’t tell you where. Part of the problem in communications seems to be that there is a lot of fragmentation and stove-piping of messages from various components and they aren’t linked.

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Think maybe (and maybe means maybe!) the tailgate packages are the Miami branded pop up tents and Miami collapsible chairs. Have seen a few around parking lot pre-game and tents are pretty lame as far as branding Miami and Redhawks sports. I sell that sort of stuff at my business and know what can be done and what they actually look like (average at best).

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Found it! Thank you. I missed that and every search I ran pulled up pages from back when I was a student

Also, it looks like this might be what you were looking for @Nickskin

EDIT: The tailgate article I posted is from last season…

#1 Stadium “Enhancement”…The VICTORY BELL!!!

Jive…you’re in charge of texting or "X"ing whoever it was in the Athletic Department you know to make sure the bell’s there for all to see. They ought to put it on a Gator and parade it around the parking lots pre-game to get everyone a chance to see it and get pics with it.

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I think @Bluesman and @D-Day confirmed it’ll be on the concourse, but it’s a bit telling that people are still asking if it’s going to be there. I think @Bluesman called or emailed someone and @D-Day was physically in Millett and asked. The only thing I found is this tweet:

Kind of expected something to be in the article about us hosting Delaware State.

unable to purchase tickets online…so far…not a good “Experience”

Just got a phone call from a friend (Miami Alum)…interested in purchasing 6 game tickets and parking. Same issue for him

By way of update…tickets ARE still able to be purchased online. The issue was that one is currently UNABLE to purchase if logged into your Miami Ticket account. One needs to LOG OUT of the account, purchase the tickets and then LOG BACK IN.

Can’t make this up.

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I mentioned this on the phone with you, but I’m going to say it here too, Miami’s athletic department is awful at getting that small/medium amount of money from folks. Between you and him, that’s around $300 in tickets/parking. Their overhead for those two things is pretty much the same if 10 people show up or 25,000. Now just imagine how many “hundreds” they’ve left on the table because a few people just said screw it. How does an athletic department consistently make it so difficult for people to give them their money?


Agree 100%. This has been SOP for way too long. As mentioned elsewhere, there is some good messaging but its not all in one place and things just don’t work very efficiently


Ok, while we are rightfully complaining, I had an experience that was mostly good. We knew we would still be in Colorado for the Delaware game. A good friend of mine asked if he could use my tickets. Of course I said. Not knowing how to move them from my wallet to his phone , I called. The young man who helped me was very patient and got me to where I could “take it from here”. When I went to transfer the tickets I was informed I had no ticket to transfer. Back to the phone. Oops, tickets would not be transferable for a few days. A minor glitch, a lot of good help. It worked later, he has my tickets.


Interesting experience at Coastal Carolina list night made me realize how much money has been left on the table by athletic departments in different ways. Parking on campus for games at CCU has always been free since I began attending a couple of games a year there in 2009. It’s even been free for the two Myrtle Beach Bowls I attended. There is really not much of an option to parking on campus because the school is located off four lane US 501 and is about 3 miles from what could be considered the center of Conway. You could probably park in a strip mall and Uber, I guess. But on campus has always been the best option, especially since they run free shuttles from each of the three lots right to the Brooks Stadium gates.

When I arrived last night there were big lighted electrical signs saying “Parking All Lots $25.”

There were several thousand cars in the three lots for a 3/4 sold out gsme. Someone finally realized they could be leaving up to $100k on the table at each of their six home games. That’s the value of a an extra buy game every two seasons.

Given the uneven revenue situation between G5 and P5, schools are going to have to take a hard look at potential revenue streams.