Miami Football 1964 vs 2022

I ran across the program from the first Miami football game I ever attended - Band Day 1964 against Western Michigan. Bo was Miami’s HC and Ernie Kellerman was our QB.

A comparison of the ‘64 team with our current team is astounding in a number of areas. Two that stand out are the size differences in the OL and our recruiting pattern.

Here’s an interesting snapshot:

Miami Then and Now

Offensive Line Starters
LT Ray Young 6’3 215 Fremont
LG Jim Schierloh 6’1 210 Dayton
C. Jim Stillwagon 5’11 205 Mt Vernon
RG Howie McKay 6’1 215 Pittsburgh PA
RT Bill Williams 6’1 220 Akron

Offensive Line Starters
LT Sam Vaughn 6’7 292 Versailles KY
LG Caleb Schaefer 6’5 323 Carmel IN
C Rusty Feth 6’5 304 Colerain
RT John Brekke 6’3 291 Chicago IL
RG Reid Holskey 6’6 298 Pataska

1964 Roster
52 players
5 Non-Ohio

2022 Roster
105 players
79 Non-Ohio


Very interesting. Thank you for this info.


It would be interesting to know when the roster tipped to more out of state than in. I remember not too long ago when CMU was all Michigan players.

I’m guessing it coincides with the national trend of heavily recruiting running backs, wide receivers and defensive backs from Florida and Georgia…and eventually from the Carolinas. The heavy emphasis on recruiting from Indiana, Michigan and Illinois seems to be a function of the CM era. The massive growth in the Northern Kentucky burbs has also contributed.


There has been a heavy emphasis on Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan for the last 20 years or so and over the last 4 or 5 coaching staffs, save for maybe Haywood.

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It’s amazing how much bigger players are today vs. in the 60s and 70s. A guy from my HS, class of 71, was heavily recruited and signed at Ohio State as a OT at 6-4 and 240lbs. Never got any bigger, either.


Heywood recruited Texas hard I believe.


Man, I could have played LT tackle in 1964, dang it!

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Does the program have a full roster? My dad was a freshman walk-on on the 1964 team. I would be curious if he’s listed.


It’s got a varsity roster. Freshmen weren’t eligible to play on the varsity back then. It lists the Freshman team coaches but not the players.


We started picking up kids from outside the footprint at least as far back as the mid-80s. Terry Morris was a California QB. Dan Radabaugh was a Texas QB.

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Roudabaugh was almost 20 years after Morris.


You are correct.

Tracy Woods

Yep. Guidry and Heywood had that Texas/Louisiana connection. Don’t have access to enough rosters to know when we crossed the line from mostly Ohio to mostly out of state.would be interesting to know.

Bart Baratti