Miami Athletics 23-24 Year in Review

Going to touch on both men’s and women’s sports here so decided not to categorize one or the other. What a year we had across the board! Football, softball, field hockey, men’s swim and dive all won MAC championships (correct me if I missed any). Golf is surging back with a 2nd place finish in the MAC tournament and a couple individual podium finishes, including a win. Baseball made great strides and won a tournament game under Coach Smiley. Both of our basketball programs are in great hands under two outstanding coaches. We made big splashes with our hires for volleyball and hockey. Synchro won another national championship. Football also swept our rivals and brought the bell back. Countless memories from another outstanding year, looking forward to many more next year

Curious to hear what everyone’s favorite memory was from the full year, or if you can’t pick one drop the top 5!


Mine…A tie between the football and softball team’s seasons. Outstanding…But hoping for more next year!


My favorite moment was Darweshi Hunter’s banked-in three at the buzzer to beat Vermont in MBB.


Both great choices! Wish the students were all here for the Vermont game

The blocked fg vs.UC (McKee?)


I thought the best were both in football, the road win at UC and the MACC win over Toledo. Both games were just totally intense from the first play to the last.


Embarrassing OU at their place with our backup QB and the MAC East on the line is in my top 5.


For me my highlights are when:

-Ballcoach called his shot in football and correctly predicted we’d win ten.

-Chuck getting Mac x 2 and watching the joy on his face after we beat UC. Also, seeing some of the haters come around on the guy.

-softball. Duh.

-field hockey doing what they do. Another Mac champ more top 25. I think they are closest of any sport to winning a National C.

-basketball improving. It’s an investment that will pay off in the next 12-24 months. Men’s and women’s.

-tennis, volleyball, golf and soccer. Time to get back to the standard you can be at. Starting to show it in tennis and golf. I think soccer could suprise. Volleyball is a total wild card but could rebuild to win the MAC in one year.

Only regret: the runners! Coach get it dialed up!

Last, hockey. Seems like it’s a good hire. I lack the nuance others have here.


Noreen could very well be a great hire. But calling that a “big splash” is not accurate. Heck, Bergeron, a loyal alum who received a lot of credit for Rico’s success, was (at the time) a bigger “splash”.

Speaking of which, why hasn’t Noreen filled out his coaching staff yet?

He has.

Yep that was Frizz!

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Didn’t we have Schutte, Cizek, Elliott and Phillips last year, plus a video?

I’ve only seen 2 assistants so far.

As a Cincinnati resident whoose neighbors are UC seaon ticket holders and who has been in attendance for every game of the last 17 years there is only one answer.

My sole remaining goal in life is to buy Mr. McKee a beer. God it is great to have the bell in Oxford!


Nies, Thibodeau and Cisek in 2024-25.

Thibodeau Hired as Miami Hockey Associate Head Coach - Miami University RedHawks (

Nies Joins Miami Hockey Coaching Staff - Miami University RedHawks (

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Along with Miami John, I’ve got UC everywhere I go. My wife is UC grad, my nephew who I’ve written about many times here (more later) and his wife are UC grads. Her brother is UC’s only two time f/b captain and coached there. One of their kiddies is UC f/b full ride grad. (Other same at OU.) My nephew was walk on who started season and half center, then one each at guard and tackle. We all get together at least six or seven times a year and always have lots of fun with it. So the UC game is without a doubt the highlight. What was it…17 years of gunk I’ve been good naturedly been eating their barbs and taking their darts at family get togethers. Now it’s my turn and I’m loving it.

All of that said, I never thought I’d have ever have been so interested in ladies softball so they’re a close second.


Bonk, at the end of the last release (Thibodeau hiring), they say the following:

Miami will announce the remainder of its coaching staff in the coming weeks. The RedHawks open the 2024-25 season on Saturday, Oct. 5 at Ferris State.

So, I still don’t think we are done. Wondering what pieces will be added.

Party of one here, but I’d be over the moon if Lurker gets the nod. Naturally, on any video his image would have to be pixelated and like the invisible man, he’d wear an ace bandage around his face plus sunglasses and a trench coat at all times (yes, even on the ice) but he’d be a quality control expert the players would love. Also, for some reason, his voice would sound like a computer, but I digress. Lurker for a staff role!

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They just haven’t released Cisek officially returning yet. The Nies release was before that. Phillips will remain hockey ops “coach” (they reclassified that position for accounting purposes). They should be all set.


I’m not at liberty to confirm or deny. NDAs and news blackouts and all that. You know the drill.

Back to lurking.


Cisek was extended back in April. Not sure what all goes into the timing of press releases on that though.

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