Miami at Ohio women 7:00 Wednesday on ESPN+

Miami is now 11-18 ( 6-10), while Ohio is 6-21 ( 4-12). OU beat Miami in OT 84-73 in Oxford. We probably need a win at Ohio to stay alive for a spot in Cleveland. In the game that they beat us, sophomore YaYa Felder had 28 points before fouling out, but they still won in OT. Felder leads the MAC in scoring at 21.1ppg,RS SR Caitlyn Kroll had 20 points against us the first time, and leads Ohio in scoring. OU has won only 2 times at home this season, Miami has won only 2 times on the road.

Miami now has 3 of the top 10 scorers in the league, with Wolf 6th, Scott 9th, and Cluse 10th. Cluse is also 4th in the MAC in rebounds and Wolf is first in the MAC in FT%.

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Beat Ohio!

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Ohio up 19-15 at the end of 1.

OU’s lead got up to 12, Wolf scored at the buzzer to cut it to 42-35. We are just so poorly coached.

Hendrix has lost 20 or more every season at Miami and she’s on schedule to do it again. How can she possibly be retained with that record?

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Wolf has 13, Scott 6, Cluse and Richason 5. Cluse, Scott, and Wolf all with 2 fouls. For Ohio, freshman Jaya McClure has 12 and Hale has 10. We have done a lot of doubling up on Felder leading to open looks for her teammates.

President Crawford in the first row behind the Miami bench.

48-41 Ohio with 6 minutes to go in the third. Wolf picked up her 3rd foul on the first play of the second half and is out.

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Ohio only dressed eight players and one of those is injured. Hopefully they will wear down in the fourth.

55-54 Ohio at the end of 3. We had a 12-0 run to take the lead by 1. Once again we stupidly shot a 3 with 9 seconds to go and they got a layup at the buzzer to take the lead.

That’s coaching.

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7:35 to go, TO OU as we take a 62-60 lead. Felder has 23 for OU and a bunch of assists when we have 2 girls on her for open 3’s. Wolf and Scott have been scoring pretty easily as well. Ivy has 18 and Peyton 15, Maddie with 11. Richason with 9 is the only big girl scoring tonight.

Did we really take out our leading scorer with 3 minutes to go in a one-point game?

She hasall kinds of TO’s left and did not use one to get her in.

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We are up 2 with 38 seconds to go and called TO to advance the ball. Both Wolf and Felder with 4 fouls.

Up 5 with 13 seconds to go, OU a TO to advance the ball.

Up 5 with the ball…6.7 seconds to go.

81-75 Final. We are still alive.

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Tough down the stretch.

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Yea us

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