Miami at Buffalo

Miami leads Buffalo 10 to 1 in the bottom of the 3rd

Won 10-1. If I am reading the stats correctly, Karli Spade has now homered 20 times in 29 games.


Yea us.

11th straight win


It’s now 22 HRs in 32 games, which takes her to 89 on her career and puts her at 7th on the all time list.


122 is INSANE but she can realistically probably hit 2nd or 3rd with a good end to the season

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Only 7 homers to pass the number 2 girl, but the current slugger from Oklahoma is a concern.

Jennings from Oklahoma is also a senior, so the race to 2nd place on the career HR list is going to be interesting to watch over the next several weeks.


One positive is that she’s still got 20 regular season games left against MAC pitching plus Eastern Kentucky and Butler followed by the MAC tournament. Six of the Big 12 teams are top 50 teams. Jennings has three games against #2 Texas next weekend plus 6 games against Top 45 teams BYU and rival OK State plus one against #44 Wichita.

In the MAC, it’s just Miami in that category.

I’d put my money on Karli!

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A negative is that Oklahoma gets a ton of post season games every year.

By the way, Jenna G is tied with Spade at 22 homers.

Those extra games OU gets are against increasingly tough pitching. The time for Karli to make hay is the rest of the MAC season.