MHT 2022 Fantasy Football Final Standings


In an unprecedented Championship, The Electric Mayhem won the final match. Ten teams were in the playoff hunt as the regular season ended.

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I think Chumps should win the title. I was only 20 some points ahead going into the MNF game and would’ve most likely lost since Chumps had Josh Allen and Tee Higgins. If there’s a way to cede the title on Yahoo, let me know in case I can’t figure it out and I will.

Hey…I didn’t know you were the Electric Mayhem!

Although unusual, it’s part of the game, so you get to keep the $10,000 first prize. :grinning:

And by the way…I did catch a break with Jefferson. I assumed he was good for at least 30 points!



Re 0-14…Roster wasn’t touched since October 17th. That will do it every time.

Yeah, ‘‘twas totally my fault….have to do better next year!

Typically, you’re right there battling for a playoff spot.

Yeah, I’ve been busy prepping for deployment #4, this time to Eastern Europe……


Wow. Stay safe, thank-you for your service…and USA! USA!

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Commish could have given that team their projected points or the average of the last four weeks.
Either of those would have been the better decision than to let the 0 points stand.

It was crazy. High-end QB, WR, and kicker. But…I wasn’t going to overturn Yahoo’s decision since I would be the only benefactor.

Maybe a rematch next year!

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