Mercyhurst Series

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2-2 in the second of game one. Goals by Vitolins and Barbolini.

3-2 in the third, second goal by Barbolini

Not in this game but Joey Cassetti just had a wild goal against Ben Kraws , batted it out of midair past him

Mercyhurst goal , 3-3

Going to OT

Mercyhurst wins in OT

Damned NCHC.

Not the typical OT winner- I feel like Miami had most of the possession/chances in OT then out of nowhere mercyhurst makes a real long pass to their offensive blue line and the player takes a slap shot from there which caught Logan off guard

I feel like usually it’s a guy mossing dman and skating the puck in to get it past the goalie

Gotta get out of this conference

I was at the game - not sure why I go anymore. Simply put, this team is awful. They may not win another game. Any other coach that wasn’t a “beloved former player” would be fired - all the resources this university put into hockey has been turned into a pathetic joke.

And the way they lost was embarrassing - a defensive lapse that you see maybe at the high school level. Just a very very bad team - sorry to say it. 5th year of Berge - hang in there guys, I can feel it starting to turn around! :roll_eyes:

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The guy was slapping the ice with his stick screaming for the puck as he was completely open with our D unaware - everyone in the arena could see what was going to happen except our team. This was not a random goal associated with bad luck. And they were not in the zone but he was camping on the blue line with no defender in sight - complete defensive lapse.

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Just watched it again, tbf they were in the middle of a change. A poorly timed change maybe but the new players on the ice could not get over fast enough to stop the inevitable

I have honestly never heard of Mercyhurst College so I looked it up…small private Catholic school of 2,700 students


On the bright side we won more faceoffs tonight and had lots of offensive chances and lots of SOG. Barbolini registered 10 himself which is wild. We also blocked more shots than them and technically won the special teams battle too

And last time we had a home and home with mercyhurst we lost at goggin and won in their arena so maybe that’ll happen again

It’s was a REALLY botched line change which left the goalie hanging out to dry on the OT winning goal.

Plus, Miami had a man advantage for the first 1:29 of the OT.

This article is a year old but I found it to be a very interesting read. In a nutshell, faceoffs have almost no impact on game result except for very crucial ones late in the game. Not to say it doesn’t matter because this team needs any advantage at this point, but ultimately I don’t think we should even pay attention to a stat like faceoff wins when everything else is a dumpster fire

Rant over, go Miami!

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Exactly. Mercyhurst has dominated the NCHC since being admitted.

I would argue that if we can’t beat Mercyhurst at home, we have no business being in the NCHC. None. Being the NCHC’s perennial punching bag has created a program that can’t even compete against weak D1 programs out of conference.


This complaint doesn’t really reflect reality when OOC we are 4-2-1, which includes a win and a tie against an Arizona St team that is still ranked 13th in the nation.


They’re in Erie. Have been D1 hockey for 25 years. They’re in Atlantic Hockey.