Men's Basketball Transfer Portal

Portal is open and names are flying in fast and furiously. So far, Verbal Commits has 175 names in their database. Many added in the last hour. I am sure Coach Steele and his staff are watching the portal with keen interest.


Assuming he’d play the 4/5, but would really add some versatility. Steele really likes shooters.

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Was just about to add this, and I just added it to Nickskins thread on MAC transfers, before I saw this. I wouldn’t mind adding another post, as I have said before, along with a combo guard in the mold of Safford.


Power forward has been a totally missing asset for several years, not just this season. If we can get real help at that spot and a talented combo guard, we can make a big jump next season. Without that, I think there will still be a big gap between our roster and that of the top four or five MAC teams. We have a solid incoming freshman at both spots, but over reliance on freshman will not make us better next year. Giving them some playing time but not relying on them would be the ideal, IMO.

The teams at the top of the MAC have been building more with transfers than with freshmen. Especially with transfers that can play multiple seasons. The all freshman team has lately been a team of mostly the bottom MAC teams.


A kid named Saint Thomas is transferring out of Loyola of Chicago. He should transfer to the University of St Thomas! NIL opportunities would be significant in Minneapolis/St Paul!


Rich Byhre has heard from:
Cal State Fullerton
Miami (OH)
Fresno State
Texas State

so lot’s of interest in him!


Last four years we had Dalonte Brown at the 4. Before that we had Logan McLane at the 4. Before that Will Felder. Years of Bam Bowman, LJ Livingston, Josh Oswald, Ayah, McNamara, and post-injury McLane playing center were the bigger issue for post play.

Like I mentioned in another post, we lost over 70% of our minutes and scoring from last year. Hard to replace guys like Brown, Grant, ICL off the bench, Myja’s defense, etc in a single season. Looks like there’s a real focus to be more versatile inside.

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Posted this earlier in another thread. Leaving St. Francis PA. Two years eligibility.

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Maybe Maxwell will “land” in Oxford.

(Greatness wins again!)

Dick your point is excellent and well taken. I too have advocated for adding a true post player through the transfer portal. Rattling off names of players we have had in the past, does nothing to address the current situation. And truthfully, Dalonte Brown was not a true PF as someone else suggested. Kudos Dick, kudos!!

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JT Shumate. Same size. Similar skillset. Plays the 4 on the best team in the conference. Same size as the 4 for Akron. 1 inch shorter than the 4 for Kent. Same size and skill set as the 4 for BSU. Those are the top 4 seeds in the MAC.

Brown went into the NBA combine as a combo forward, which means he’s a mid-major 4. So I’d be curious to know what you’re looking for in a 4.

Probably worth noting that changing the goal posts to, “players we had in the past don’t help us today,” to avoid acknowleding that the last 3 (I think 5, but didn’t go past Felder) 4’s we’ve had have all gone on to play professionally. The comment was Miami has historically ignored the position. Hard to say you’ve ignored it when it’s been the most consistent position leading to pro opportunities.


I didn’t change the goalposts. I made an observation/opinion. Combo 3/4 isn’t the same thing as a true post power forward as Dick was discussing. Touchy aren’t we.


Most teams are playing with 6-7 215 “4s” these days in MAC…but I see Kotecki as a Logan Mclane-type (6-9, 225), as I’ve mentioned previously…we could use another experienced 6-8 225 guy, or hope that J Morris finds some offense.

Rich Byhre

Grad Transfer 2 years of eligibility
18 PPG 8 RPG
51/41/86 shooting splits
First Team All GLVC
4X GLVC player of the week


I’m just curious what you’re looking for in a 4. Brown was a pretty prototypical MAC 4, so I’m curious what skills you expect from that spot. All you’ve said is Brown wasn’t a 4, without answering what is. My thought is our last several PFs have been productive and have gone on to play professionally. It’s the skillset I expect from a MAC 4. Our production from the center position has, imo, been beyond lacking until Mirambeaux.

I think @Skins is right that the MAC 4 is typically 6’7" 215. I think we disagree what Kotecki will be. I see him as nearly identical to Shumate offensively but would buy the McLane comparison defensively. A bit taller than the average MAC 4, but still stretches the defense with an above average outside shot.


A very interesting name in the portal–Kamari Lands. ICL brother (step?). Kamari is leaving Louisville. In HS on 247, he was a four star SF .9737. Rated the 5th player in Arizona, 20th SF (6"8 195 in HS) in country and 69th rated player in US. As a transfer, he is a 3 star .8900.
Would, apparently, be a terrific addition.

I think Kotecki is bigger body potential…he looks athletic, but his HS #s don’t suggest a Shumate game to me…and he’s already bigger.

He’s really a Owen Lobsinger (if you want a MAC comparison…google his tape and #s from HS)…I doubt Kotecki is as successful on perimeter in MAC (that does not mean he won’t hit a trey here and there, but not his main game)…but could be good around rim to 15’…and hopefully more productive than Lopsinger.

Owen Lobsinger


I’d say Jackson trey form looks a bit better, but Owen was driving more in HS, it would seem and now is a 6-9, 225 PF/C for WMU (in HS to College game transition).


Far be it from me not to answer a question. I am looking at someone like Dwight Wilson of OU, Hornbeak of Kent, Peyton Sparks of BSU. That type of a PF. I realize the players I mention also play the 5 spot, but that is what I am talking about. Hope that clarifies things.

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It wasn’t a rock…