Mekhi Lairy and Kamari Williams

In my opinion, over the last 4 games, Lairy and Williams have played their most consistent stretch of outstanding basketball in their Miami careers. What stands out to me on Lairy is besides hitting big shots, he has stopped trying to force shots in the trees down low and is facilitating others in the offense. As for Williams, he is finally doing what we all hoped he would do when he transferred to Miami. He is giving us the steady 9-10 points a game and 6-7 rebounds a game. In other words, doing his job, and playing his role. As Steele (and Chuck Martin) preach. Yes, Kamari had hit threes before, but he wasn’t giving us much of anything on the boards, and he wasn’t attempting to drive. Now, he is doing both. So big kudos to both Lairy and Williams and let’s hope they keep it up and keep this train rolling!