Marching Band Songlist

For the halftime show, the following is being played:

  1. A music melody from the musical Les Misérables

  2. “We’re not gonna take it” by Twisted Sister

  3. Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture

The theme for the show “Revolution”


In my dreams, and it happens more often than I care to admit, I am leading the band and we are playing a collection of totally inappropriate songs. All of them well executed though. Well, mostly.

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Anything by the Dead Kennedys would work just fine.


I’m old enough to remember when the Marching 110 came to Oxford and played “Power to the People”.

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The “incident” happened a couple years or so before I got to Miami so I’ve never seen Ohio’s 110 at Miami nor Miami’s band at Peden. To repeat my call to action, I’d like to see that change by playing Ohio on a set Saturday in early to mid-October.

Makes too much sense.


Yesterday was my first home game since 2019. Overall I think the band does a fine job, but there was one part that I thought was kinda odd. At the end of their pregame routine, they line up in formation as the team gets ready to run out. Afterwards, they all just turn and leave the field. Not in formation or anything, just walking off as if their shift just ended. Seems like maybe that part of the routine could be punched up a little.


The need to hire Christopher Guest as their choreographer. I would fly in from the west coast to watch that.

New band director the past couple of seasons. Some of the things she does - like what you described -are too quirky for me. And I still don’t like the new Willy Wonka uniform look. I’m too old school . I like the more traditional uniforms Ohio State, Ohio and NC State wear.


I thought the band sounded great yesterday! Quite a variety of music!

Outstanding! I am happy to see its back to our approximate pre-pandemic size. The better the football team plays and the more glitzy opportunities they get offered because of that the bigger and better it will become! Go Band!

The newish uniforms were a holdover from Dr. Lytle (who left a year or two after I graduated for WVU). Generally the current students and alumni seem to be happy with Dr. Johnson from what I’ve gathered.

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Yeah, this was one of the best halftime performances and all us old folks were up and cheering. Since it was Homecoming, musical choices might have been make with Alums in mind.

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Corky St. Clair on line two, and make sure you give him real money.


Corky helped Blaine. He can help our band.

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Miami rolled out a new uniform - that was supposed to be one “for the ages” - and introduced it at the Notre Dame game. The goal was to eliminate white in our uniform theme. They were mostly black and IMO we looked like more like the UC band in toy soldier suits than a Miami band.

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From a marching perspective they’re DCI quality (breathable, flexible) whereas the old ones that I wore were hell to wear in any temps above 70 and sunny. The design however left much to be desired.

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Mine was navy blue wool pants and tunic with the red and white overlay with the block M and the big white bearskin British type hat. I think we also wore white spats. I like the new emphasis on comfort but agree with you the design leaves a lot to be desired.

That has been my issue - they look more like UC. A band director friend pointed out that these were probably easier to keep clean, when I complained on Facebook.

@MacCracken I think that was a primary driver of going all black. I saw Georgia Tech’s band on TV last week. Uniforms were all white with old gold trim. Spectacular!

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