Manscape your Balls(Tate)

I can’t tell whether nobody thought this through, or whether the over-thought it.

We’re talking about it, aren’t we?

Advertising brilliance from the article DG posted

(to be read in the late Don Pardo’s voice)

“MANSCAPED will receive exposure – and offer added mojo for athletes and students alike – in such areas as in-venue signage, television-visible signage, and social and digital integration.”

All they need at the end of Glen Quagmire giving his GIGGITY seal of approval

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I went to a Miami football game in Muncie in about 1990. I saw a T-shirt in one of the stores that said - in the two school’s logos- “I’d Rather Ball U than IU.” Furreal!

Chafing at the clip.

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Is this real or just an elaborate public affairs prank? It’s all over the Internet as a business wire release posted yesterday but nowhere to be found on the Ball State page.

That’s nuts!

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