Making the AP final top 25 poll

Took a look at the teams ranked #19-#29 in this week’s AP poll to see what needs to happens for us to have a shot at finishing in the last poll at #25 or better.

First, the obvious: we gotta beat Appy!

Here are the bowl match ups for these teams ranked just ahead of us:

#19 NC State vs Kansas State: might be best for NC State to win otherwise K-State will move up ahead of by beating a ranked team.

Iowa vs Tenn: again, the winner of this game will end up ranked so probably doesn’t matter…be best if one blows out the other. That way the loser will definitely drop out of the rankings.

Oregon State vs ND: best of ND wins as the. oSU would have 5 losses and will drop out…if OSU wins in a competitive game, both will stay ranked.

Okl State vs Texas A&M: Texas A&M win would drop Oklahoma State out but would the win catapult A&M into the rankings? W 5 losses, doubtful.

Tulane vs V-Tech: Hard to not root for a G5 team, but a V-Tech win would help us the most. I think V-,Tech winning is unlikely tho.

JMU vs Air Force: root for Air Force although they have been playing lousy as of late

Tennessee vs Iowa: already covered above

Clemson vs Kentucky: root for Kentucky as they have 5 losses already.

Troy vs Duke: root for Duke but I think Troy would beat Duke easily

Utah vs NW: root for NW

Kansas State vs NC State: already covered above.

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Bottom line: with a victory over Appy, we definitely would have a shot at cracking the final AP poll, but a few of these games must go our way.

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CFN predicts a 27-17 bowl loss After they projected Miami #25 in the coaches poll.

Hope Miami has the same result as the UC game when CFN predicted a 37-13 loss.

We’ve opened as 2.5 point dogs.

It’s currently +6.5 LMAO. Easy ML win.

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Is that because Vegas is in the dark -like all of us -on who is playing QB?