MACTION...Final Week

Championship matchup is decided, Miami vs Toledo. Toledo, Miami, Ohio, and Bowling Green are Bowl eligible. Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, and Northern Illinois are all 5-6, needing a win, although a few 5-7 teams will probably get a bowl game this year.

Tuesday November 21

BG ( 6-5) @ WM (4-7) 7:00 ESPNU

EMU (5-6) @ UB (3-8) 7:30 ESPNU

Friday November 24

UT ( 10-1) @ CMU ( 5-6) 12:00 ESPNU

OU (8-3) @ UA (2-9) 12:00 CBSSN

Saturday November 25

MU ( 9-2) @ BSU (4-7) 12:00 CBSSN

NIU ( 5-6) @ KSU (1-10) 12:00 ESPN+

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Looks to me like Eastern and NIU stand the best chance of being the final two guaranteed MAC teams. I sure hope we’re 10-2 on Saturday night.

We all watched Buffalo last week run the Don’t Offense. How in the hell are they -5.5 over anyone especially a very good coach who needs to win to get to 6?

All over EMU.


Yeah I don’t get it. I saw UB at -6.5 yesterday. How? I realize it’s senior night so there is the emotional bump but EMU is playing for a bowl, so they have plenty on the line. The line should be reversed.

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Hold the line. Love isn’t always on time.


I can see Buffalo being favored at home, but only by a FG.

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Some big crowds tonight :eyes:

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It’s nice watching MACTION and not needing to care about any of the results.

Side note: I find it amusing that autocorrect insists on capitalizing “MACTION.”

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Terrible weather at both sites. Worse in Kazoo. Teams we want to win are taking care of business early on.

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BG cruising 31-3 at half. EMU up 14-zip midday through 2nd quarter.

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Never mind

Watching how BG easily moves the ball, it’s almost hard to believe we shut these guys out earlier this season. Kudos to our defense!


Buffalo probably shouldn’t have fired Shane Montgomery as their OC. Their offense was much better last year.

I went out for a walk tonight and was listening to Todd Walker, the BG announcer. He said that BG is expecting to go to Boise. I am pretty sure everybody at Miami would like that…Both games are blowouts

I admire what Chris Creighton has done at Eastern. Easily the crappiest job in America when he got it. Now a very respectable program.


I agree. I am not calling for a change of of our coaching staff but, if the position became available, my first call would be to Chris Creighton.

I also think he would accept it. It is impossible for a P4 athletic director to offer a head coacing position to a 500 MAC coach in spite of the fact that is excellence at EMU. At a Toledo , Miami or Buffalo I strongly suspect that he would compile the resume that would get him a solid P5 offer!

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Buffalo actually has a back who runs pretty hard…makes me wonder why they ran their QB on delayed runs the entire game against us

Finally a song from my playlist.

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…and EMU clinches a bowl slot w a 6-6 record. EMU played well in first half and kinda “sat on it” in second half to win 24-11 over hapless Buffalo.

If NIU wins this weekend, MAC will fill it’s 6 bowl slots.

So with Eastern’s win we’ve got 5 bowl eligible MAC teams. Best shot at the fully committed 6 is NIU at Kent on Saturday. CMU can be a 7th if they beat Toledo in Mt Pleassnt but I’m not sure I want that to happen. I’d rather beat the Rockets at 11-1 and in the top 25.

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