Nothing wrong w that although we have probably benefitted by playing the likes of Akron and Kent every year vs. WMU, Toledo, and NIU in terms of wins and losses. That said, I would kinda prefer playing these west division teams more often.

Just called the ticket office to buy tickets.

No one answered.

They are all at Brick Street!

They called me and we’re good. Nice kid.

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Was it Gabe? He is the nice student worker that was confused when I talked to him. Glad they called you back.

“Athletic ticket office…”

It was Greg!

I actually think the MAC has it right now. Divisions for football. Not for basketball

I agree with that. Divisions keep more teams involved until the end of the season. With just taking the top 2 teams, fewer teams will still have a chance when we get to MACTION.

The ACC went away from divisions this year, and were to have the 3 permanent rivals games. I think they are keeping that with the expanded conference.

Everyone but the MW seems to be doing away with divisions for football I think.