MAC Women's standings On March 3

UT 15-1
BSU 14-2
KS 13-3
UB 9-7
BG 9-7
WM 7-9
OU 7-9
NIU 6-10
MU 5-11
UA 5-11
CM 4-12
EMU 2-14

Our chances of making it to Cleveland are not good, but we still have a little control. We are one game behind NIU for 8th place. We play them at home Wednesday night. If we beat them we are tied but they have the tiebreaker. If we won the OU game and they lose their last game vs WM, we would finish ahead of them. Also. if we beat NIU and lose to OU, it is also possible that we could end up with a 3 way tie with Akron and NIU. We would have split with NIU and have beaten Akron in our only game, so we would be 2-1, NIU got swept by Akron and split with us, they would wind up 1-3, and Akron would have lost to us and swept NIU, so they also would be 2-1. So NIU would drop out. I don’t know then whether we would win because we beat Akron or if they go to who had the best win; theirs was UB and ours was BG and those two teams are currently both 9-7, so still to be determined which one gets the higher seed.

Also WM is two games ahead of us. If they lose both and we win both, we would be tied and we swept them so we would get the 8th seed. On thing for sure, we need to beat NIU to stay alive for Saturday.

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I looked up the tiebreaker rules and we would win a 3 way tie with NIU and Akron.