MAC women's standings 2-22

BSU 12-1
UT 12-1
KSU 10-3
UB 7-6
BG 7-6
WM 6-7
NIU 6-7
OU 5-8

MU 4-9
UA 4-9
CMU 3-10
EMU 2-11

We have 5 games left, none against the top 3 teams. The best team is BG and we beat them in Oxford. Last year 7-11 was the cutoff spot for making it to Cleveland. 4 teams tied at 7-11, after tiebreakers Miami finished 9th and just missed the tourney. If we finish tied with OU, they are going to have the tiebreaker either by beating us twice or because they beat Kent and our best win is BG. NIU is also going to win a tiebreaker against us, either because they beat us twice or if we split because their best win was over Ball State. We would own a tiebreaker over Western as we swept them, and we can win a tiebreaker over BG if we sweep them.

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