MAC women's basketball standings 2-15

BSU 10-1
UT 10-1
KSU 9-2
UB 7-4
BG 6-5
WM 5-6
NIU 4-7
OU 4-7
UA 3-8
MU 3-8
CMU 3-8
EMU 2-9

We are in a similar position to where we were last year, trying to make a late run to get to the MAC tourney in Cleveland for the first time since Coach Duffy left. Last year we ended up 7-11, in a 4 way tie for 7,8,9, and 10. After tiebreakers, we ended up in 9th place, narrowly missing a trip to Cleveland. 6 of our 7 remaining games are against teams from BG on down in the standings, and we already have wins over both BG and Western, the 5th and 6th place teams. To be confident of getting in I would say we need 8 wins, which means going 5-2 in the remaining games. 4-3 would l get us to 7-11 like last year, and likely then it would come down to tiebreakers.

Yesterday Western Michigan won at NIU ( who had just won a home game against Ball State last week). We play Western Saturday. Of interest, Buffalo’s 5-3 guard Rana Elhussieni had a triple double on Saturday vs Southern Miss. 10 rebounds, 11 points, 12 assists. They also had two other players have double doubles in the same game. I well remember Grumpy saying to me late in the game vs Buffalo a week ago (" the scoreboard can’t be right, it says that 5-3 guard has 10 rebounds!").