MAC women’s NET rankings

This shows the current NET rankings before the first MAC game of the season. NET uses only D-1 games, so the records are for D-1 games only.

BGSU 48 10-1
UT. 52. 9-2
BSU. 81. 9-3
KSU. 102. 6-3
AU. 133. 7-2
NIU. 151. 8-3
EMU. 191. 7-3
UB. 211. 5-3
WM 234. 4-6
MU. 254. 4-8
OU. 275. 2-9
CM. 304. 2-9

There has been a big power shift in the MAC. For about 5 years Central Michigan and Buffalo were the dominating powers. However, after Central’s Coach retired and their stars graduated , they have dropped to the bottom. After winning the MAC tournament last year, Coach Jack left Buffalo for the Syracuse job and took the MAC POY and the FOY with her and they are starting over. OU’s 2 great players finally graduated after 6 years and they have dropped to the bottom.

Now we have a return of the two traditional MAC women’s basketball powers to the top. Two years ago BG went 19-1 and last year UT went 19-1 and they are both loaded again this season.