MAC title game with great ratings

Up almost 80% from last year


I think it helped that the game we were up against on TV - Texas vs OK State - became a blowout very early on.

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For sure. But I think it was more 11-1 ranked Toledo vs 10-2 Miami.

I have had 3 people at work tell me about watching that game that I wouldnt have expected


A Rutgers fan here in NC said he watched it. My kid watched it from a casino in Vegas. Lol

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I had multiple non-Miami friends texting me during the game, from around the country. My Miami-alum sister even said she watched it without me telling her it was on…and it was on at 9am in the Pacific NW.

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The MAC Championship followed with a 0.8 and 1.29 million on ESPN, up 76% and 79% respectively from Toledo-Ohio last year (0.43, 721K).

America’s Team.


I had as much positive feedback from friends on this win than I can remember, even in the Ben years. Lots of friends who normally have little interest in Miami were watching this one.