MAC - Sun Belt Challenge

Kent St had a 5 point lead with less than 4 seconds remaining against James Madison and somehow managed to lose. Ohio picked up a blowout win over Troy. Currently tied 1-1.

Great start for James Madison, beating Michigan State in overtime and following it up with a double overtime win over Kent, both on the road, presumably without going home.

The early season games were all held in MAC arenas and the late season games will all be held in Sun Belt gyms. The MAC finishes the first round of games with a 7-5 advantage.

When will the games be announced fir the 2/10/24 date?

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Per this update, Miami will be at Georgia State! Georgia State is currently 9-9 overall, 4-3 in conference play. Their starting lineup goes 6’2", 6’5", 6’5" 6’5". 6’8". Only one player off the bench is taller than 6’8".

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Oh, I didn’t realize that the next matchups were to be this season. Kind of a Bracket Buster feel.

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Like us, GA St. is 9-9. They beat WMU in Kalamazoo and lost to NIU at home. They don’t really have any good wins, and they have a bad loss to 4-15 GA Southern. I’d like to think we could give these guys a game.


Georgia St matchup confirmed. The Ron Hunter Bowl.

Head coach Jonas Hayes was an assistant to Travis Steele at Xavier and became interim head coach between Steele being let go, and Sean Miller returning. Hayes led Xavier to the NIT Championship in his four game tenure and became a hot name for coaching vacancies.

His twin brother Jarvis is on the staff at Georgia State.

Ron Hunter is a HC??? Wow, good for him! I know he was an assistant to Coles and bounced around for a while, but good that he is running the show!

He’s been there quite a while.he was HC at UW Milwaukee before Georgia State. His kid played for him at Georgia State.saw them when GSU played UNCW a few years ago.

Who am I thinking of, then??? Played for/coached with Coles, then I think he was at Kansas State and then came back to the Midwest?

Jermaine Henderson


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I think you’re thinking of Jermaine Henderson who’s now an assistant at UD.

Ron Hunter was at IUPUI, taking them to Division 1 and their only NCAA appearance. Then he went to Georgia St. and coached his son who hit an incredible shot to help upset Xavier in the NCAAs. Ron famously fell off his mobility chair when that shot went in (he had surgery during that season). He’s been at Tulane and it looks like they’re on the right track. They won 20 games last year and they just upset Memphis, Tulane’s first win against an AP top 10 team since 1983.


Thanks! I confused UW Milwaukee with IUPUI. I’d forgotten Hunter had moved from GSU to Tulane. His kid was quite the scorer for the Panthers.

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I was at that game. It was a pro-GSU crowd. Needless to bedlam ensued when the shot went in.

Dang!..wrong GSU! :grinning:

The MAC went 2-9 with BG-ULL still to be played tomorrow. SBC leads overall 14-9.

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