I decided to start my own MAC Power Rankings. Every MAC team has played 2 games, and OU has played 3. So through the first 3 weeks of the season my top three in the MAC are, based not only on record, but eye test:

  1. Toledo
  2. Ohio
  3. Miami

Bottom Three (worst on top):

  1. Kent
  2. Ball State
  3. Buffalo

If Miami wants to beat UC next weekend the offense must diversify. So far we have largely relied on Gage, Gabbert, and Amos. UC will game plan for Gage, and they have athletes to do it. Our other WR have to step up, get open, and catch the ball when it is thrown their way. Martin needs to become more creative (laughed as I typed that realizing the absurdity of the statement) but at the very least, we need to get Muersch involved. We need to get the backs involved in the passing game (what happened to Kevin Davis?). And it might be a good idea to roll Gabbert out of the pocket. I don’t have much to say about the D. They have been solid. Not great, but solid. I want to see us at the very least maintain our spot in my Power Rankings!

We’ve got both Toledo and OU coming up too.

Yes we do. So that is certainly one way to shake up my MAC Power Rankings!

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Delaware State in two weeks offers us an opportunity to experiment with every scheme and personnel group we can possibly imagine. As I mentioned on the DSU game thread, everybody on the roster should gain meaningful on field experience that will help us in the MAC.

Blues, I agree with you on Muersch. He is a good weapon to have and has proved reliable in previous seasons.

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After Miami week three, updated Power Rankings:

  1. Toledo
  2. Miami
  3. Ohio
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I think this is fair right now. Granted, Toledo really struggled with an average MWC team and couldn’t finish off Illinois.

I watched the Toledo - San Jose game replay. I’m not sure there’s much desperation among these three teams. Toledo’s offense it largely built around Finn and Penny Boone, the Maryland transfer. Ohio’s is built around Roarke, Bangura and Wigluz and ours around Brett, Gage and Rashad. All three teams need to keep these guys healthy.

In terms of OOC accomplishments, I think our win at Cincy was better than Ohio’s win at home against Iowa State and Toledo’s close loss at Illinois. Our loss at Miami was a bad one but if the Canes keep winning BIG it looks less worse as the season unfolds.

We go head to head against both UT and OU. They miss each other.

Just keep winning!


I think you mean “separation” not “desperation”. I however desperately want to beat them both!!

Yep. Damned spellcheck!