MAC mentions in top 100 portal transfers

This list was compiled in the second week of April so does not include Maddie Cluse or Peyton Scott (possible top 100 transfers).

#31 Ya Ya Felder from Ohio U to Baylor She has 2 years of eligibility left and I would have rated her the second best MAC player last season. OU finished below us in the standings and she was far and away their best.

#56 Ivy Wolf from Miami to UD. We know all about her.

#63 Bridgett Uttberg from CMU to ? Central had 3 very good freshmen last year but still finished below us in the standings. She was their second best player behind another freshman. Still has 3 years of eligibility left.

#100 Katie Brown from St. Johns to Buffalo. UB lost their 3 top players to graduation. She will replace one of them.