MAC Men's basketball tournament

Akron wins 62-61 in entertaining game. Looked like pretty big crowd with lower level filled and much of second deck. Announced attendance of 7955.

What an ending. Don’t know if I have ever seen such a distraught coach. The score is something you need to have in your mind. Wow.

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Rob Senderoff is a dumpy loser.

To no surprise, given the MAC’s overall Net ratings, Akron is projected to be a #13 seed in the NCAA tournament. Auburn (,who have been playing very well) is the projected opponent on the site I saw this morning. Good luck w that match up!

Too bad. The 12/5 is the upset coupling.

13 is actually not a bad seed for a team in the 100s in the computer rankings


Yeah I guess it could end up being a 14…correct me if I am wrong, but Akron didn’t exactly tear it up the last few games before the MAC tournament l, did they? Anyway, I was t terribly impressed with them but the only game I watched much of was the finals.

Akron is very strong with two 6-8 MAC stars in Freeman and Ali. They also led the ZIPs to a conference tourney win the year before last ( Ali was at Butler for a year of injuries). Freeman had 30 against us and a spectacular 24 point, 21 rebound game vs Ohio Friday. Akron’s guard play is subpar offensively, although they defend well.

Akron has never won a NCAA tournament game. Some games have been horrible. Last time in the played really well

Yes Dick. I agree that their guard play on the offensive end has been suspect.

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Akron gets a #14 seed and draws Creighton.

I attended the Creighton game at Xavier, they are very well coached, their big man is strong and skilled, and they have a lot of guys who can shoot from range (duh). If Akron can get the big man in foul trouble I think they can hang with them.

Akron playing in Pittsburgh, which is only a 1:45 drive from their campus.

Bad draw for Akron. Their guards don’t match up well and they have to go against the big guy. Creighton made the Elite 8 last year and they have some key pieces back. Akron has to try and make it a slugfest in order to win.

This is a great draw for ME! I am going with friends to the Thursday and Saturday games at Pittsburgh. We will all be rooting for the Zips. One of the guy’s son is actually a JR. at Akron and he is going with us.

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We’re going to Indy, so it’s a little bit of dejavu seeing Purdue and Marquette again. Marquette/W. Kentucky strikes me as an interesting 2/15, especially with Kolek trying to come back from injury.

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I’m headed to Charlotte. Another chance to root against UNC.

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