MAC Men’s Basketball Tournament

Dick’s probably in the bag at the Winking Lizard, so I’ll start.

Kent up on Toledo 28-24 at halftime of game1.

Toledo is such a bunch of losers.

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You are living in the past. The Winking Lizard lives no more. Kent is up11 with13 minutes to go.

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There is always something special about this day. It may seem ludicrous but this day always brings a sense of hope. Blinded by red & white-colored glasses? Maybe. But we’re playing in Cleveland on a Thursday in March. That gives us a chance.


Rockets on the ropes - down by 7 with 8 left to play!

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Kent up by six so Reghi calls it a “two point difrentation”. And he used “difrentation” twice.


SpaceEx might have had a good day today in Texas but it was a distinct failure to launch for Toledo’s Rockets :rocket: in Cleveland.

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Toledo craps down in its leg when it matters most.

Also, water is wet.

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There’s three certainties in life

Death, Taxes, and Toledo men’s basketball doesn’t play in the NCAA tournament

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Honestly, they should fire Todd Kowalczyk. This shit happening every year is unacceptable. Every freaking year with them.

Ah Toledo, the OU of MAC basketball.


If the MAC awarded the automatic bid to the regular season champion, Toledo would be heading to the big dance for the 4th straight year.

Instead, the Rockets haven’t been there since 1980.

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Von Davis for Kent had a great game. And Toledo chokes the chicken again! :grinning:

And yet we haven beaten them in the last 21 tries. Defies rational explanation!

I am not making this up: Toledo’s last NCAA tournament game was so long ago it was not even on television. We all listened to them lose to Florida State on the radio in the halcyon days of 1980.

Hilarious fact: Toledo also lost to Florida State in the 2007 NIT, just a few days after we beat them in the MAC semifinals after the Rockets, wait for it… won the MAC regular season title

I remember that. I was a senior at Miami on spring break in Florida when that game happened. Now I am a senior citizen! :slight_smile:

I am not impressed with BG or CMU. Not that anyone gives a shit what I think! :sweat_smile:


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BG closes out the win over CMU. Let’s see if we can get the underdogs to 4-0 on the day.

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