MAC doubleheader on CBSSN tonight

Toledo and WM at 6:30 and Ball State and Akron at 8:30. Wright State and Detroit are also on ESPN 2 at 7:00.

Toledo is a 16 point favorite and they’re not even close to being on the same level as Kent. When is the last time the MAC had this little parity?

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Is Western really that bad?

Short answer: yes. They’re probably sitting in the 330s?

They’re down 19 at the half to Toledo.

Kent is in a tier of their own. I would say in the 60s or 70s. Then BSU, Toledo, Akron, and Ohio are in the next tier in the top 150. Buffalo is stuck in the middle closer to 200. Then the rest.


Watched some of the 2nd half of UT-WMU, and the Rockets have dropped a bill on them. Their scrubs have been in for a while now and the shooting has gotten bad and the turnovers are piling up, but they’re still up 30. Holy Toledo!

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The second game was tremendous, intensity wise it looked a lot like the Ohio State - Purdue game the other night. There were technical fouls called 3 different times and another time there was about a 5 minute stoppage after players were pushing and shoving and yelling at each other. The battle between Freeman ( 23 points and 14 rebounds ) and Sparks was really fun to watch. Akron had the lead but got in big foul trouble and did not have a field goal in the last 10 minutes. Ball State is off to a great start with wins over Toledo and Akron. If Kent is better than those teams, we are in trouble tomorrow.

Ball St. has a nice, balanced team. I forgot they had a new coach, Michael Lewis, who played for the General at IU. Akron did well considering Castaneda was out hurt.

Not a negative about Harrison at all, as when healthy he is a nice player, but it bears remembering our prior staff prioritized Harrison over Peyton Sparks. Sparks is a legit 6’8" 230 pound strong post player with good offensive skills. Something we are sorely lacking.