MAC Championship Game tickets essential info for all Redhawks optimists—make plans now!

Kickoff @ 12 noon

Plenty of time to get there even with a bit of a drive for lots of folks in the region before kickoff. Maybe even tailgate a bit.

And plenty of time after the game to get home without the hassle and expense of a hotel room and at a semi decent hour. (Unlike MACtiion games)

Cleveland to Detroit 3 hrs
Columbus to Detroit 3 hrs 30 minutes
Cincy to Detroit 4 hrs

Tickets aren’t horrifically expensive either…will wait for MU to get there and get thru our vaunted ticket office to show support

Let’s destroy BGSU and KSU and get out butts to Ford Field.! Love + Honor!


Has a fan hotel been officially named yet for people who might be flying in the day before?

In 2019, the official hotel for Miami was the Marriott in the huge GM Tower!

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A good chunk of us had an Airbnb near the stadium in a pretty questionable part of Detroit.

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Sean Lewis was a guest on Full Ride - Sirius XM 84 - in the noon segment today. Neuheisel asked him about scheduling the likes of Texas A&M, Iowa, Oklahoma, Washington and Georgia. He said their attitude is to basically strap it on snd go after them. He said that’s where they learn how to dig deep and “stop a two point conversion in a championship game.”

He said Kent has already sold out their ticket allotment and used up their block of rooms for fans.