MAC Basketball Portal Discussion

Guess he played very little for Indiana. Combined with Jihad they will be impressive inside, although I just saw that their point guard Jalin Anderson entered the portal.

Just like Ali Ali (Akron => Butler => Akron) and Jason Carter (Ohio => Xavier => Ohio). Sometimes the grass isn’t greener…


Do you think other players on the team resent this? I feel it’s one thing to enter the portal, but to actual go play a season at another school and then be like, “Jk, I want to come back…” I dunno. I suppose everyone views it differently. In the end, you want to win, and if that player will help you win, I guess most would be ok with it.

Dante Maddox leaving Toledo. Last Rocket out of the locker room turn out the lights.


I’d say at the end of the day, these kids want to win; basketball especially where one dude can make such a huge difference in a team. I mean, if Dae Dae wanted to come back to Miami after one year, I’m sure we’d have all enjoyed that.


I can imagine being furious if you’re a guy who was recruited to replace the person who left, finding yourself displaced by that person’s return. But otherwise? Yeah, I’m inclined to think it’s about what’s best for winning, and everyone likes winning. Plus presumably the team already knows him. No need to integrate a “new” person.


Kowalczyk has to be considering that Utah State job now

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Changing this to the MAC portal discussion.

Verbal Commits showing B Artis-White returning to WMU? But can’t find confirmation anywhere else

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BGSU star Marcus Hill ( 20ppg) enters the portal. However, he states that he wants to see what is available but might stay at BG.

This is the equivalent of telling your girlfriend “I really like you but want to date other people. If I get no takers though, I’ll come back.”


Davis Coit (20ppg) and Keyshawn Williams ( Star as a freshman, basically missed the last two season) have now entered the transfer portal. NIU has now lost their top 7 scorers from last season.

NIU program is a mess

When hasn’t it been? It’s seemed like they had theoretical potential being semi-close to Chicago and having a nice arena, but the reality is that the program is a graveyard.

Jihad leaving Ball State

Verbal Commits on X: “Ball State F Basheer Jihad has entered the transfer portal.” / X (

…only a few days after former Ball State Peyton Sparks portals back to the Cardinals from Indiana

Ball State lost 6 to the portal:

(6-9 Jihad, 6-6 G Brown, 6-3 G Anderson, 6-5 G Adams, 6-3 G Bell and 6-3 G Middleton)

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Players Portalling out of MAC schools:

Akron: 1
Ball State: 6 (1 in)
Buffalo: 3 (1 in)
CMU: 8
EMU: 8
Kent: 4 (1 in)
Miami: 2 (1 in)
NIU: 7 (2 in)
Ohio: 1 (1 in)
Toledo: 4
WMU: 3 (1 in)

UMass: 5

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He’ll score at least 20/game vs Miami next year. I still have JT Shumate nightmares

If you look at it mathematically, we are doing well in comparison with the rest of the league. Counting “out” as a negative 1 and “in” as a positive 1, current results are as follows ( realize that players first enter the transfer portal and then review their offers and make a decision, so transfers out are going to run ahead of transfers in, this is kind of like rating recruiting classes months before the signing date) :

OU Even
UA -1
WM -2

This makes no effort to rank the quality of guys leaving. 2 groups seem to dominate who goes into the portal. One is star players looking for better offers or more exposure, the other is players who were unhappy with mostly playing time or perhaps something else.

Proofreading is dead.