Mac basketball is terrible this year

The average net ranking is 23! Out of 33

The worst number I can ever remember

Will this be the first year that the MAC will get a 16 seed? The best net ranking right now for any team is 120

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Great news for a young team like Miami!

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Not to beat a dead horse, but too bad we lost Safford. We could have had a legit shot this season.

We still could. Steele says every day we are one of the top 20 shooting teams in the nation!

We are 10th in 3 point percentage, 69th in effective field goal percentage (because we’re 238th in 2 point percentage).

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And did that without our starting center for most of the year. I need to check how we’re trending recently too. Mabrey, Bultman, and Dean started really poorly and have been trending in the right direction. Really impressive shooting for one of the youngest teams in CBB.

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I’d wager if we stay healthy we might be a top 4 MAC team. Let’s see/hope I am right.

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There are two reason so why I have been saying for sometime now that we can compete for the top of the MAC this season. One is that we are now healthy and now have an inside game to go with our perimeter attack, plus we are deep and can play in many different ways. The other reason is that the MAC looks to be very down this year. Our two best wins are at Marshall and home over Vermont and that compares favorably with any other MAC team. I will also add that we keep looking better and I can still see lots of ways this team has yet to touch its potential. There is still a big upside.


We were 3-7 last year in OOC D1 games and 4-6 this year. Similar schedules. We were 6-12 in the MAC last year, so I think 8 or 9 MAC wins is a reasonable expectation this year considering the MAC is weaker. I’d be thrilled with 10+ wins.

I’m optimistic about the offense, but defense and rebounding will likely hold us back from being a top tier MAC team. Having said that, there is a lot to like about this year’s team.

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Kenpom has us 7th in the conference and 249 overall. It seems plausible that we could be a top half team this season, but that’s mainly because of how bad the middle and bottom of the conference are. We’re way behind teams like Akron and Kent St that are around 100 or so nationally.

13-0 Toledo over OU to start. No one in the Convo.