Losing streaks

It is tough to be a Miami fan. Currently the men’s basketball team has lost 4 in a row, all by double digits. Women’s basketball is at 5 losses in a row and counting. Hockey is a little trickier. We have lost 4 in a row, before that was a tie and 4 more losses. So a 4 game losing streak and a 9 game winless streak.

Investment in a new facility or a reconfiguring of Millett would probably be a huge boost to the basketball programs. Hockey has been heavily invested in, dropping out of the NCHC might help. Does anybody on the Board of Trustees even care?

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Dick: what about your genius idea of hiring the Henderson’s as a package deal for men’s and women’s hoops?

Not sure what can be done about hockey although CCHA may be our best route of getting back to more wins and respectability…I know this was covered in a long ago thread, but isn’t the exit fee for leaving NCHC rather steep?

Women with an upset win on the road over 3rd place WM end their 5 game skid.

I have a question: Cleve vs. the current coach. My sense is she’s better. Maybe not a lot but a little? Just curious.